Nurse Herbal Sleep Aid Valerian Hops Chamomile Safe Non Addictive Product Launch

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A natural sleep aid has been launched targeting sleep-deprived nurses and other health workers. It contains a sleep-inducing formula of valerian root, lemon balm, hops, and chamomile.

A drug-free sleep aid designed for nurses and other health care workers has been launched. The product is made from natural ingredients and is non-habit forming.

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The launch of this natural sleep aid is intended to help nurses and other health workers get the deep, restful sleep they need to perform their duties. The product is called Night Time Nurse.

Bey Wellness, the manufacturer of Night Time Nurse, found that adequate sleep, performance, and public safety were interrelated. Lack of sleep exacts a toll on perception and judgment. In the workplace, its effects can be seen in reduced efficiency and productivity, errors, and accidents.

This product has several significant benefits that help deal with sleep deprivation. The first considerable benefit to Nurses is a long night’s rest. The second benefit is that the rest’s quality is deeper and more restful with Night Time Nurse. The product also reduces stress levels by lowering serotonin levels, and finally, it is not habit-forming or addictive in any way.

The product contains ingredients that are synergistically blended to help health workers get the sleep they need. The high-quality Valerian root powder used contains valerenic acid, isovaleric acid, and a variety of antioxidants that quickly induce restful sleep. Lemon Balm powder is another one of the main active ingredients. It combines with the valerian root to cause a reduction of anxiety.

Hops have been included in the Night-Time Nurse formula because scientific research shows that hops can increase sleep time with its natural sedative effects. Hops also help lower body temperature, and falling core body temperature is one crucial physiological step needed to facilitate sleep.

The last main herb in the Night Time Nurse formula is Chamomile powder. Chamomile was added because it has been scientifically recognized as a mild tranquilizer and sleep-inducer. It has been used for centuries to treat insomnia and to induce sedation.

A company spokesman said, “We are grateful to be able to be involved in the manufacture and distribution of this product. We hope it helps health workers around the world combat sleep deprivation and the fatigue that accompanies it.”

The launch of this product is designed to help nurses around the world get the rest they deserve.

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