NSA Veteran of 28 years, Subjected to Modern Repression Tactics for Taking a Stand

Karen Stewart Fired, Then Harassed by the Agency with Intimidation, Stalking, and, Directed-Energy Weapon Torture.

Intimidation tactics, destruction of reputation, “gangstalking,” and even the use of directed-energy weapons are all part of a growing, and disturbing phenomenon designed to keep whistleblowers from going public.

In 2006, Karen Stewart, a 28-year veteran of the National Security Agency, spoke out against sexual favoritism and corruption within the NSA. Following the correct channels, Karen found herself confronted by the very people she was accusing. Her job was threatened, and harassment tactics, including around-the-clock surveillance began. Karen however, had confidence in the integrity of the system and proceeded with her accusations, only to have her employment with the NSA terminated in 2010.

Unemployed and without the pension she was entitled to, Karen had little choice but to pursue the NSA through an EEOC lawsuit. At this point, the NSA and its legal branch had the ability to settle the case and allow Karen a dignified retirement, however, there was concern internally that this may be seen as an admission of guilt. So they chose a different route.

Ominous tactics began being deployed on her, commonly called “gangstalking,” that ring of COINTELPRO and the STASI methods of Zersetzung. Employed as an intimidation tactic, gangstalking is designed to destroy people's lives using a group of people who will use methods as diverse as harassment and intimidation to rude comments on the street, through to manipulation of your Internet access, and the unlawful entry into you home, office, and business for nefarious purposes. Karen began noticing different people employing similar tactics, as if they were working on rotating shifts. Furthermore, Karen has found bugs in her home and has had her house and car keys stolen on multiple occasions.

Karen proceeded with her lawsuit, and moved from Maryland to Tallahassee, Florida where the intimidation campaign continued. As time progressed, directed-energy weapons began being used in the covert campaign to harass and discredit her. In an interview, Karen spoke of, “Mobile weapons that emit multiple types of electrical emanations from ultrasonic to microwaves, modulated to radio frequencies to other kinds of wave variations.” She continues, “These weapons over a lengthy time cause cancer, autoimmune disease, heart attacks, seizures and strokes. It's the perfect stealth murder weapon.” Karen says that these are being pointed at her house as she sleeps and at used on her and her family as she walks the streets.

Karen knew that by speaking of the methods employed against her, she would be subject to ridicule. She even admits that prior to her own experiences she would have considered the NSA incapable of such harassment of American citizens. But of course, it doesn't end at the NSA. Sheriff’s departments and the Police are constantly dragging their feet and refusing to investigate Karen’s allegations of domestic terrorism.

Aware that the continued pursuit of her rights as an employee may cost her dearly, Karen is determined now more than ever to see that this doesn't happen to anyone else. "I can't think a lot about the lawsuit," says Karen. “I'm sentenced to death for being a patriot.”

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