Now Is An Unbelievably Perfect Time To Safely Sell Your Home

A leading realtor in Charlotte, NC, Tiffany Johannes, talks about why now is an unbelievably perfect time to safely sell and why some homeowners are getting above market value offers.

Tiffany Johannes with Charlotte Home Experts of RE/MAX Executive, a leading realtor based in Charlotte, NC, considers now to be an unbelievably perfect time to safely sell.

Throughout the last year, home values have gone up almost 9% throughout Mecklenburg County and show no signs of slowing. On top of that great news, we’re in a Sellers’ Market! As of July 2nd, we’ve got the lowest mortgage interest rates in history — a homeowner’s Trifecta!

Wait, there’s more — home prices are going up, not down! Even though the number of active listings is appreciably fewer, more are coming on the market every week. Charlotte is behind year-over-year listings but is catching up so fast that the traditional Spring Selling Season has become the Summer Selling Season! This past Spring was much slower than normal, but several homes entertained multiple offers and sold above list price. With inventory still lagging, NOW is the absolute ideal time to list – the market’s on fire!

There are a number of factors causing this terrific situation. In addition to the great news mentioned above, buyers are coming out of the woodwork looking to settle into a home that they will enjoy for many years to come. Lots of buyers and shoppers are moving from the city to suburbs, such as those around Charlotte. Many analysts are convinced that Coronavirus is behind this migration because suburbs are far less congested than urban areas, even affluent ones. After months of relative confinement, the lure of outdoor space with a beautiful, grassy yard is irresistible. Moreover, progressive employers are open to telecommuting since this forced lockdown has shown that people can be quite efficient and productive working remotely. When in-person meetings are needed, the HQs are not far away.

Tiffany Johannes and her team have taken several measures to assure that all the steps in list-buy-sell transactions are fast, expeditious, healthy, and safe. Tiffany starts by generating buzz about her clients’ home among other agents to see if they have an ideal buyer immediately, while implementing her innovative marketing strategies.

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