Now: Advocacy Organizations Can Match Their Supporters’ Addresses To New 2015 Legislative Districts

Come January 3, 2015, everyone’s existing address to state representative and state senator files become obsolete. On November 25, 2014, Online Image, developer of USgeocoder, released its state legislative districts by zip code matching files so advocacy groups can match supporters to legislators.

Online Image, a GIS software and web technology company, announced releaseof its 2015 state legislative districts by zip code matching files.

 “As of January 3, 2015, California, District of Columbia, Georgia, andMichigan senators, Texas house delegates, and all state legislators in Alabama,Alaska, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, andPennsylvania, in districts with different geographies than were in existencethrough 2014. In less than two months, everyone’s existing nationwide addressto state representative and state senator files will be obsolete. We arereleasing the address match to new legislative district capability now so thatadvocacy groups can match their supporters to their legislative districtsbefore going home for the Holidays,” said Mitchell Pearce, CEO of Online Image.

“For organizations also needing Legislators’ biographies and contactinformation with their zip to district files, this information will be added asthe legislators are sworn in. This keeps contact information in sync with thelegislative session.” said Mitchell Pearce, CEO of OnlineImage.   

Address to Legislative District files are extracted from the flagship product of Online Image. USgeocoder is a Geographic InformationSystem (GIS)that uses proprietary algorithms to cross-walk multiple databasesand generate the most accurate address-to-jurisdiction matching in the U.S.USgeocoder is the only service that achieves greater than 99.8% accuracy for newCongressional and state house districts—even when no publically available mapexists for an address.  “We were tested by a third party last summer andfound to more accurately match voters to their legislators than Google orBing,” Pearce continued.

About Online Image:

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USgeocoder (, wholly-owned subsidiary of Online Image,provides best-in-class affordable geocoding solutions for political district,mail delivery, census statistics data and mapping needs. It is a customized GISapplication that serves political campaigns, lobbying and advocacy groups,government, sales tax compliance, and marketing organizations.

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