Novi MI Renewable Energy Company Solar Panel Installation Services Launched

Michigan solar energy company Srinergy launched solar panel installation services. The renewable energy business provides clean energy solutions for residential, commercial,mobile and industrial use.

Novi, Michigan solar energy company Srinergy launched solar panel installation services. The business provides renewable energy solutions for home, commercial and industrial use.

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Passionate about reducing the carbon footprint of their customers and reducing energy costs at the same time, Srinergy launched solar panel installation services.

A socially responsible organization, Srinergy always has the environment’s health at the heart of its business. For the company, clean and renewable solar energy generation is their contribution to curbing the current dismal environmental situation.

According to statistics, renewable solar energy is equivalent to planting 1140 acres of forest, saving more than 99,000 gallons of water, preventing more than 13,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions and powering over 600,000 homes for 24 hours for 25 years.

Srinergy has extensive solar development and solar panel installation experience that cater to residential as well as a wide variety of industries including commercial properties, restaurants, universities, urban farms and more. Moreover, they continuously innovate by sourcing the latest in solar energy generation technologies to serve their clients better.

Offering affordable solar systems solutions, the clean energy company works closely with their clients to come up with a unique solar generation system to suit their needs. Priding themselves as a full service company, they guide their customers every step of the way—from initial site assessment, design, solar generation sizing, engineering, permitting and installation.

Whether flat roof mounted or more creative applications, Srinergy guarantees aesthetically pleasing designs while proving maximum solar energy generation and savings.

They have also developed a Solar Storage Kit that allows for optimum energy storage for clients who need a permanent and reliable power source 24-hours a day. It is designed to reduce overall cost of energy, manage energy consumption and supplement power during power outages.

More information about Srinergy and their solar installation services is available by phone at +1-248-257-4054 or by visiting the aforementioned website.

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