Novato CA Internal Business Auditing Cost Efficiency Managed Services Launched

A business efficiency service has been launched to help companies navigate uncertain times. Blue Ocean Advisers offers a review of process to find ways to increase revenues and reduce costs.

A new company has been launched in the Novato, CA area to help businesses increase their efficiency. Blue Ocean Advisers has been opened by James Lamont and is designed to help business owners increase efficiency without changing how they do business.

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The new services have been launched in a bid to help business owners future-proof their operations in economically challenging and uncertain times. The specially trained team review current contracts and service statements while looking for opportunities to save companies money.

Blue Ocean Advisers gives people peace of mind as its managed services ensure people are not overpaying while they focus on the day-to-day running of their business. The team cover many areas from employee healthcare, to class action cases, parcel shipping, and accounts payable.

For accounts payable a solution is offered to those organizations who still pay vendors with paper checks or via ACH transfers. The team say checks are inefficient, costly, and unsecure. But what people may find surprising to learn is that 70% or more of vendor payments are still processed via check.

ACH payments, while less costly and more secure than checks, offer a limited data exchange. Neither options generate a revenue, while the Virtual Payment technology utilized by Blue Ocean Advisers is faster and can generate a significant revenue.

The solution works alongside existing accounting systems at no extra cost, is secure, and can save time and money. Each time a vendor is paid, a revenue is generated, which for some companies could be the difference between surviving and failing during challenging times.

A company representative said: “There is no fee for our initial assessment, which typically takes no longer than 15 minutes. During this session, we will gather basic information about your company to determine which tax incentive or business expense reduction program you may qualify for, as well as potential opportunities to gain revenues.”

“This can be done onsite, over the phone, or via web conference, whichever best accommodates your schedule,” they added.

To find out more, interested parties are invited to visit the link provided.

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