Nourish Beaute To Release Natural Volumizing Conditioner

Nourish Beaute makers of VITAMINS Conditioner is a small, family-owned company competing head-to-head with Nioxin, Minoxidil and Rogaine. It is manufactured in an FDA-registered, GMP-Certified facility.

Nourish Beaute, a health and beauty company located in Aspen, CO, has recently added their VITAMINS Hair Loss Shampoo to the Amazon marketplace to make it easier for their customers to gain access to the product. Due to customer demand, they will soon be releasing their VITAMINS Volumizing Conditioner through the same channels. To celebrate this, the shampoo is currently available for 33% off for a limited time.

“We are getting ready to release our volumizing conditioner to match our popular VITAMINS Hair Growth Support Shampoo”, says Cynthia Ferrara, founder of Nourish Beaute. “Using a hair growth support shampoo and conditioner together greatly increases the overall volumizing results. We believe VITAMINS Conditioner will be as popular with our customers as our shampoo.”

VITAMINS Conditioner will contain the same great growth stimulating ingredients as VITAMINS Shampoo plus ingredients to repair damaged hair and detangle. It will also contain biotin, coconut oil, castor oil and other organic ingredients such as argon oil and keratin. The formula is designed to help reduce hair loss as well as support hair growth while returning hair to maximum health and shine.

Nourish Beaute is passionate about creating only the highest quality products. Unlike other hair growth and hair loss products, they back their products with clinical evidence of their efficacy. In clinical trials, VITAMINS Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioning Treatment were scientifically demonstrated to increase hair growth by as much as 121% and reduce hair loss by 47%. One reason is because the patented ingredients in the formulas increase micro-circulation to the roots and scalp, making them stronger and enabling them to better anchor the hair for maximum retention.

Nourish Beaute advises that best results are generally achieved after one to three months of use. This sets Nourish Beaute apart from other similar manufacturers who claim their products produce hair growth overnight miracles. The honesty of the company and the quality of the products have had customers raving in reviews since they were originally released. Recommendations, information and customer testimonials can be found on

“I am a guy and my hair is receding and thinning in the usual places”, says Saaber. “I was looking for something that would stop the thinning and actually help my hair grow back and this caught my eye because of the patented ingredients and studies. I went online and found the studies and it seemed legit so I went for it. So far it has been 4 weeks and it is definitely working. I see new hair growing in my hair line and my wife tells me the spot in the back is growing back too.” Video reviews such as this one are also coming in.

Nourish Beaute also offers regular money saving discounts. It also comes with a free hair growth guide, valued at $19.99. This will also be included with their conditioner once it is released. Finally, the company plans to extend their line with a high potency hair growth accelerating treatment called Burst Serum, which will have a cutting edge award-winning formula to further boost the results of VITAMINS Shampoo and Conditioner. Details about Nourish Beaute can be found on their website.

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