Nostalgia Drag Racing T Shirts & Super Stock Fuel Altereds Mugs Hoodies Launched

The famous nostalgia drag racing t-shirt brand Quarter Mile Addiction is offering new, exclusive designs paying tribute to the Super Stock, Pro Stock, Fuel Altereds and Top Fuel classes.

The popular Quarter Mile Addiction has expanded its unique variety of nostalgia drag racing t-shirts, hoodies and mugs with new and exclusive designs for each of the drag racing classes from back in the day.

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The Quarter Mile Addiction is a famous store where drag racing fans can find a unique variety of nostalgia tees and merchandise reviving old, vintage drag racing commercials and all those infamous newspaper ads.

The brand has now expanded its original range of tees and merchandise with more exclusive designs for each of drag racing classes from back in the day, including Super Stock, Pro Stock, Top Fuel or Fuel Altereds.

Their collection now includes unique 1968 Hemi Super Stock Drag Racing designs celebrating 50 years of these legendary, truly lightweight SS/AA Factory race cars and vintage Pro Stock Outlaw tees paying tribute to this mythical Factory Hot Rod class that brought back those big block motors.

It also offers funny Top Fuel inspired tees and original Fuel Altered Nitro World Challenge designs reviving those crazy wild AA/FA cars from the 70s and 80s and what was arguably the most unpredictable and exciting class around.

They join a wide variety of tees, hoodies and mugs for all those who still remember the classic Factory Hot Rods and Altered Wheelbase Wars of the 60s and the ‘Big Three’ or the era of the Shaker Run Big Money Showdown Match Bash and strips like the Lions Drag Way or the Smokers at Bakersfield.

All their t-shirts are made in the US, shipped within 3-5 days and available for men and ladies in black or dark navy colors and x-small to 3-XL sizes.

The Quarter Mile Addiction team explains that “when did drag racing become an addiction. We think it’s fair to say since at least 1960 if not sooner. By the time the first Super Stock race was won around 1961 the general public was hooked and we’re making it our mission to revive all those cool, classic commercial and ads of the era on our t-shirts.”

To see these original drag racing tee designs and find out more about the brand or its unique nostalgia merchandise, clients can visit their website at the link provided above.

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