Norwalk CT Psychic Reading/Spiritual Energy Healing – Anxiety/Fear Relief Launch

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Intuitive advisor and Spiritual Healer Lauren Evans of Sono Psychic helps clients achieve the happiness they seek by providing insight and clarity.

As the recent health crisis wanes and lockdown orders are rescinded, many Americans are beginning to feel the effects of a challenging and in some cases traumatic year and a half. With the announcement of her spiritual and energy healing service, Lauren Evans helps individuals address and overcome the issues that are holding them back so they can achieve self-actualization and settle into their higher nature.

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Blockages such as fear and anxiety can prevent a person from achieving their personal and career goals. Sono Psychic now offers psychic readings and energy healing sessions that remove these barriers so clients can move forward in contentment, unencumbered by inner turmoil.

Lauren Evans helps with relationships, love, marriage, divorce, career, health, finance, and karma. Psychic readings and spiritual solutions include palmistry, tarot cards, chakra balancing, spiritual cleansing, and more.

Spiritual healing involves the removal of energetic blockages through meditation & Chakra balancing. It is not rooted in religion or faith but rather “spiritus,” the Latin word for breath of life. With an ability to access universal energies and channel these restorative effects, Lauren removes the body’s inertia to improve her clients’ Spiritual health so they can find their own power, purpose, positivity, and happiness.

By drawing on her 24 years of experience and the skills passed along from generations of family spiritual intuitives, Lauren provides innovative, deeply powerful guidance and treatments that address her clients’ core difficulties so she can extinguish their effects.

Readings and consultations are available to individuals, companies, private parties, and other functions. Individual readings can be conducted by phone or in-person and appointments can be made seven days a week. Same-day sessions can also be accommodated.

A recent client says, “Lauren is exceptionally gifted and has given me the direction I needed. Thank you, Lauren, you are an angel.”

With the launch of Sono Psychic, the professional energy healer and spiritual advisor gives those in Norwalk, Connecticut, and surrounding areas who are looking to overcome fears, anxieties, and other mind or body difficulties the insights and restorative guidance they need to move forward in health and contentment.

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