Northwest Hills-Austin HVAC Company Makes Case for Pre-Winter Furnace Repair

Austin, Texas based Aire Serv of Northwest Hills stresses importance of catching problems before a heating unit stops working and leaves everyone in the cold.

Aire Serv of Northwest Hills, a heating and air conditioning maintenance company serving the Northwest Hills, Jollyville, and Austin area of Texas for more than a decade, is making a compelling case for pre-winter repairs of furnaces, stressing to its formidable client base the importance of catching problems before a unit stops working and leaves everyone in the cold.

“Winter will soon be upon us, and while the Lone Star State doesn’t often conjure up visions of brutal snowfall and ice-covered roads, it’s still important that homeowners don’t wait until something goes wrong to call Aire Serv,” says Ali Otawi, owner of the Northwest Hills Aire Serv location. “To this end, we have been sharing with customers the reasons why the repair of furnaces should be taken seriously – from making sure safety comes first to keeping a warranty valid.”

According to representatives of Aire Serv, an annual furnace service can keep a family safe, as a faulty unit poses risks due to the fact that it runs on fuels such as oil, natural gas or propane. Because it only takes one small crack in a line or joint for leakage to affect a property, Aire Serv has been keeping its customers aware of these dangers by sharing statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, such as the fact that non-fire carbon monoxide leaks killed approximately 130 people in 2016 (the latest year for which data was available).

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“Getting a furnace serviced before winter can also help it run efficiently when homeowners need it most,” adds Otawi. “One of the main causes of a furnace failure is the accumulation of dirt, dust and other contaminants, and the amount of these accumulations decreases when a professional company like Aire Serv cleans all components, including replacing the filter.”

Many manufacturers, Aire Serv representatives stress, require an annual service on a furnace in order to keep the warranty valid, so the company also suggests making sure a HVAC professional is certified to work on a certain furnace. “Having an uncertified technician work on a unit can actually void a warranty, and we advise homeowners to keep a detailed record of what was done during a service should they need it for future reference,” explains Atawi.

Another important part of having a furnace serviced, say Aire Serv reps, is the electricity check to ensure everything is operating within accepted parameters; it is crucial for the safety of everyone in the family, and odds for a fire or other damage when wires become broken, loose or cracked are exponentially increased.

“Another important part of any furnace or heating service is blower maintenance,” concludes Atawi. “It is important that a technician checks the seals to ensure the door is closing correctly; this will keep the heat flowing properly without interruption.

“Any debris or other blockages in the blower should also be cleaned immediately.”

Aire Serv technicians are highly trained to provide excellent customer service and ensure all heating and cooling units work as efficiently as possible. The company’s myriad of services include furnace maintenance, indoor air quality checks, heater repair, HVAC maintenance, HVAC repair, air conditioner installation, AC repair, AC replacement, AC maintenance, carbon monoxide check services, general HVAC services, emergency HVAC response and other residential and commercial offerings.

Aire Serv of Northwest Hills is located at 13413 Moscow Trail Austin, TX. and can be reached by calling (512) 879-3281. For more information visit their above mentioned website.

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