NorthStar Technology Group Holding A Free Online Webinar On Cyber Insurance

NorthStar Technology Group Holding A Free Online Webinar On Cyber Insurance basics and benefits.

NorthStar Technology Group, Inc. will be holding a free webinar online on October 15th, 11:00am CST called How Cyber Insurance Helps Protect Your Business from Ransonware, Wire Fraud and So Much More!. Cyber insurance is a complicated topic, but something that all businesses should have. This webinar will give an introduction to cyber insurance, ransomware and insurance protections and social engineering and fraud protection with insurance. All businesses need insurance for disasters like fire, flood, and theft. The changing threats now require a more diligent approach to protecting digital business assets. Security requires a layered approach balancing prevention, recovery and risk mitigation. Insurance is one of those layers.

Ken Satkunam will be leading the presentation along with Travis Kroger from Boen and Associates out of Sioux Falls, SD. Ken says this webinar is a chance for people to hear from industry leaders on Cyber insurance and risk management. Travis is a Commercial Account Manager and understands how to explain confusing topics such as cyber insurance coverage. Attendees can ask questions live and get information not readily available through other channels.

People interested in protecting their business and reputation by leveraging the benefits of including cyber insurance with their security program can register free at

All attendees qualify for a FREE Dark Web Scan.

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A full recording of the session will be sent to all registered attendees.

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