Northridge CA Carpet Cleaning and Eco-Friendly Wood Floor Cleaning Services

JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care launched professional carpet cleaning services to provide residential and commercial customers in Northridge, Los Angeles, and the surrounding area with clean, refreshed and germ-free carpets.

JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care, a full-service floor cleaning company, announced the launch of an updated range of carpet cleaning services for clients in Northridge. The business specializes in the expert maintenance of all types of flooring such as tiles, wood, stone, carpets and area rugs for residential and commercial properties.

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With 20 years of carpet cleaning expertise behind them, the company has been providing excellent service to the Los Angeles community and the surrounding areas such as Sherman Oaks, Northridge, Malibu and Hollywood for many years. Their newly updated services provide customers with fast, dependable and professional carpet cleaning solutions.

According to the floor care experts, carpets need basic daily upkeep to keep it looking fresh and clean. Regular vacuuming and immediate spot cleaning are recommended to keep dirt at bay. Besides regular cleaning, however, JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care recommends having carpets professionally cleaned and disinfected every 6 to 9 months.

Having carpets professionally cleaned will not only preserve the quality of the carpet, making it last for years, it also helps protect people from health issues caused by bacteria and dust that may have accumulated in it.

Dust mites are common pests that reside in dirty carpets. These microscopic bugs’ feces may cause allergic reaction such as sneezing, watery eyes, red itchy skin, and may cause more serious health problems like asthma attacks and other respiratory problems.

JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care employs a tried and tested method in cleaning carpets that have kept customers happy for years. Their process involves thorough vacuuming, pre-treatment using non-toxic products, steam cleaning, raking and a final walk-through.

They also offer carpet protection products that repel dirt and prevent oil and water based stains from seeping into the carpet fibers. It also makes cleaning easier as the solution helps release stains and dirt more easily.

According to a spokesperson from JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care, “We offer advanced carpet cleaning methods to give satisfactory results to our customers. Furthermore, we employ eco-friendly methods and products that are safe for your kids, pets, and of course, the environment.”

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