Northern Virginia Waste Management Company EnviroSolutions, Supports Green Living

EnviroSolutions Inc. offers multiple green solutions to waste management. These include single stream recycling, electronics recycling, and environmentally conscious disposal of food waste among others.

EnviroSolutions, a waste management company from northern Virginia, has become a local leader in the field of green disposal, recycling, and environmental savings. As the green movement gains traction, EnviroSolutions provides its users with multiple options to reduce their impact on the environment and live in a sustainable way.

One way EnviroSolutions, Inc. encourages citizens to use more environmentally sound disposal is through single-stream recycling. This method allows the company’s users to avoid separating different types of recyclable materials and instead place their plastics, metals, and paper products into one bin to be sorted and recycled by the provider. Studies have shown this method of recycling decreases the amount of recyclable material being disposed of as waste, therefore keeping more products out of landfills.

Another waste solution offered is electronics recycling. Many states and cities are requiring that electronics be recycled to prevent potentially volatile materials from entering landfills. EnviroSolutions provides pick up and transport of electronic waste, ensuring it reaches the proper waste facility and can be reused. A food waste program is also in place, working with restaurants and grocery stores to re-purpose expired food to agricultural or landscaping industries for further use.

EnviroSolutions also assists businesses by auditing their waste to keep them within legal mandates. They collect a sample to represent the waste being produced, analyze it, and offer assistance in developing sustainable waste solutions for the client. They also provide dumpster rental, facilitating sustainable recycling and waste removal at various work sites.

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Recycling in both urban and rural areas maintains the environment’s beauty and sustainability, and EnviroSolutions works to make recycling accessible.

About EnviroSolutions

Since 2003 EnviroSolutions, Inc. has been providing the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States with waste disposal and recycling options. They serve a wide range of clients, including commercial, construction, and governmental customers.

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