Northern Utah Harold Fencing Company Offers Free Quotes For Farm & Field Fencing

Cache Valley Fencing Company Offers Free Quotes For Farm, Ranch, and Livestock Fences

Harold Fence & Livestock, a fencing company based in Cache Valley Utah, founded by John and Michael Harold is now offering free quotes for all residential farm and ranch fencing jobs. The multifaceted company offers a wide variety of goods and services and specializes in cattle and livestock fences.

This offer is aimed at Dairy owners, farmers, and ranchers needing either repairs on an existing fence or a new fence for their property. Owners and brothers, John and Michael Harold grew up in the small farming community of Lewiston, Utah. As a result of this upbringing, Michael Harold states “We learned the value of hard work and the importance of a good fence.” That is why, when it comes to your farm or livestock the Harold brothers know that only a secure, high quality fence will do.

More information on their company and services can be found at:

Harold Fence & Livestock offers a wide variety of fencing options for their customers to choose from. A few of their most popular fences include but are not limited to: barbed wire, continuous, cattle panel, rough cut, split rail, and drill pipe and sucker rod. Their most popular fence this season has been the 7 strand barbed wire fence. Individuals choose this fence for several reasons but generally for efficiency and being the most cost effective. John Harold said, “Our customers need peace of mind, knowing their property and animals are safe with a fence that is durable and offered at an honest price.”

He continued, “We are prepared to outfit your farm with fencing that is not only secure, but also doesn’t break the bank and is something that you will be proud of for years to come.”

Inquiries for more information or getting a quote for a fencing job can call 435-770-2920 or email

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