Northern Europe’s best-selling women’s dress shirts now available globally

After successfully launching its women's dress shirts in Northern Europe, Ella Hopfeldt's luxurious, expertly fitted shirts are available to order globally starting this Friday, 20 December via the brands online store.

After successfully launching its women’s dress shirts in Northern Europe, Ella Hopfeldt is now ready to take the world by storm. The masterfully fitted women’s shirts are available to order globally starting this Friday, 20 December via the brands online store.

Ella Hopfeldt is a specialized dress shirt brand for women, aspiring to offer the same variety and choice of formal shirts to women as is being offered by the world’s best shirt makers to men. With their exceptional quality, premium fabrics and reinforced collars and cuffs the brand’s shirts truly stand out from the competition. However, what makes Ella Hopfeldt’s business shirts even more spectacular is their masterfully fitted fit.

“In today’s fashion you can get away with a lot of things, but you don’t get away with wearing ill-fitting clothes,” says Merit Lookene, co-creator of the Ella Hopfeldt brand. “Our aim from the very start was to offer fitted shirts to women of different heights and body shapes, so we spent quite some time studying the different body types and finally devised four unique shirt fits. We soft launched the first shirts in our home country Estonia and in other Northern European countries and women really loved our products. We are very proud and excited to now launch our brand globally”.

“Fashion experts and influencers say that each woman should own at least one perfect white shirt in her wardrobe. Finding the said perfect shirt, however, is not an easy task for most women. We feel very happy to have made finding a perfect shirt easier for numerous women and hope for our shirts to be received just as warmly worldwide as they have been received in Northern Europe,” Merit Lookene continues.

Ella Hopfeldt dress shirt brand for women was born out of necessity as the founders of the brand struggled to find high quality, fitted shirts to buy and wear. Being both fans of dress shirts, they initially set out to solve the problem for themselves but when the market research revealed that many women were facing the same problem, they decided to create their own shirt brand. The brand name Ella Hopfeldt is a tribute to the founders’ grandmothers, one of whom was called Ella and the other had a last name Hopfeldt.

Ella Hopfeldt dress shirts for women are available in the brand’s Online Store, For its global launch, the brand has a limited time special offer for their luxurious white shirt with French cuffs,

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