Northern California Wetland Construction Wastewater Treatment Services Launched

DK Environmental, a leading wetland construction company in Walnut Creek, CA has launched services for Northern California. The company has the equipment and experience to help any city or town.

DK Environmental has launched Wetland Construction services for Walnut Creek, California, and the surrounding area. This natural solution to treat municipal wastewater is now available to all towns, cities, and municipalities throughout Northern California.

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The launch of wetland construction in Northern California is in keeping with the trend toward natural solutions in today’s toxic, pollution filled world. By using natural plant life and science-backed technology DK Environmental hopes to help do its part to protect the environment.

DK Environmental is now providing bids to all cities, towns, villages, and communities in Northern California. Wetland construction involves building an artificial wetland that can treat municipal, industrial, greywater, and stormwater runoff. It is also a viable method to achieve land reclamation after mining and is a viable alleviation strategy for natural areas that have been lost to land development.

The company possesses the experience, equipment, and expertise to construct wetlands that mimic natural wetlands. Wetland construction acts as an effective bio-filter and can be engineered to remove a range of pollutants. These may include organic matter, nutrients, pathogens, and heavy metals.

The company’s wetland construction provide a sanitation technology that has not been designed specifically for pathogen removal, but instead, has been designed to remove other water quality constituents such as suspended solids, organic matter, and nutrients including nitrogen and phosphorus. All types of pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and helminths can be removed from a carefully constructed wetland.

DK Environmental’s wetland construction abide by the guiding principles for siting, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and monitoring of constructed treatment wetlands. The guiding principles were developed by a governmental inter-agency work group that included the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Army Corps of Engineers, Fish and Wildlife Service, Natural Resources Conservation Services, National Marine Fisheries Service, and the Bureau of Reclamation.

As this service is launched, quotes and in-depth analysis are currently available to all parties that have an interest in wetland construction. Quotes and analysis include application, performance, and scientific knowledge of free surface water wetlands to treat municipal wastewater and to meet other societal and ecological needs.

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