Northborough MA Bioresonance Hair Testing – Metabolic Health Service Updated

As interest in complementary health grows across the US, a Shrewsbury, MA-based holistic health practitioner announces updated nutritional deficiency testing solutions for clients in Northborough and the surrounding areas.

Poe Holistic Health’s latest launch provides expert Bioresonance Hair Analysis testing to help determine an individual’s food sensitivities, identify irritants to their natural body chemistry, and the extent to which environmental pollutants may be affecting their overall health.

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The announcement details a range of benefits for those suffering from poor metabolic health, gut problems, loss of energy, and intestinal inflammation. Poe Holistic Health provides clients with a detailed, personalized report of their current state of health along with an actionable plan to address their presenting issues.

Bioresonance hair testing involves the use of advanced equipment to analyze and interpret electromagnetic signals emitted by the body. By comparing the frequencies of just a few strands of hair to those from an array of foods, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and bacteria, the testing process reveals the current levels of these substances within the body. A person’s hair acts as a biological marker in much the same way as their fingerprint offers a unique identifying stamp.

Poe Holistic Health can help identify intolerances to kinds of dust, pollen, dander, and mold as well as to detect imbalances in vital nutrients. The clinical team advocates for combining any treatment with regular official medical consultations with a GP to gain a full picture of a client’s health.

The clinic provides a fresh and unique take on diagnosis for those who have been given a clean bill of health yet are still suffering from persistent discomfort. Laboratory tests are a vital tool in modern medicine but they do not always tell the full story. Bioresonance hair testing helps to form a more comprehensive and holistic picture of a client’s condition.

About Poe Holistic Health

The clinic was founded by Dr. Kirsten Poe – a certified holistic health consultant and Naprapathic Body Work therapist. In addition to bioresonance services, Poe Holistic Health also provides expertise in allergy relief, immune system fortification, nutritional analysis, and chronic pain therapy.

Dr. Poe says, “I love running these labs because it gives people a detailed and personalized look into their health and wellness from a perspective that is rarely looked at.”

With its latest service updates, Poe Holistic Health continues to offer innovation in biomarker technology and the highest levels of patient care.

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