North Phoenix Chiropractor Back Pain Relief – Activator Treatments Launched

Simply in Demand Chiropractic (+1 602-635-2820) has launched a new range of treatments that use Activator techniques to relieve back and neck pain. The timing of the announcement from the North Phoenix, AZ clinic reflects the rise in work-related back pain.

The newly launched treatments from Simply in Demand Chiropractic are aimed at patients in the North Phoenix, AZ area. The announcement from the specialist clinic recognizes the fact that many individuals working from home for the past 18 months may not have considered their back health.

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Advantages of working with Simply in Demand Chiropractic include the fact the clinic ensures patients receive a care plan tailored to their needs. Through its newly launched Activator treatments, the specialty clinic helps clients ease their back and neck pain while differentiating itself from other chiropractors.

Unlike the traditional approach, the Activator method used by Simply in Demand Chiropractic avoids twisting techniques. The pain relief solution uses a device and manual manipulation to give the chiropractor more control over where they administer treatments. Being able to treat specific muscles or areas enables chiropractors to provide a targeted pain relief solution.

The Activator method is growing in popularity as a pain relief alternative because it is gentle yet high-speed. The fact that specialists such as Simply in Demand Chiropractic can control the force they use makes the treatment ideal for a range of patients. Aside from neck and back pain, it may also treat shoulder pain.

Since the global health crisis began, many office workers have been forced to work at home. While some can use ergonomic home offices, others use whatever space is available – and this includes less than ideal setups such as converted desks and chairs. This has led to a rise in back, arm, and shoulder pain. Simply in Demand Chiropractic invites patients dealing with this kind of problem to arrange a consultation so they can help them enjoy life without pain.

Aside from the newly launched Activator treatments, Simply in Demand Chiropractic offers acupuncture, spinal decompression, cold laser therapy, and more. In addition, the clinic offers personalized treatment plans for individuals recovering from auto accidents or sports injuries.

A satisfied patient said: “I work online daily as part of my business. I noticed pain in my wrist and elbow, radiating into my fingers as well as neck and shoulder pain. After visiting Simply in Demand Chiropractic, I’m now able to work on the computer without pain. I recommend speaking to Dr. Kelli Meier to see how she can help you.”

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