North Palm Beach FL Hurricane Laura Damages Water Leak Detection Report Released

North Palm Beach Florida Public Insurance Adjuster released a new report after Hurricane Laura about water leaks and damage for home and business owners needing to file for insurance claims.

North Palm Beach, Florida Public Insurance Adjuster has just released a new report on dealing with water leaks, water damage, and leak detection services. This report, authored by John A. Alvarado, Public Insurance Adjuster, is intended to help the local community assess the need for insurance claims, especially after recent storm Hurricane Laura.

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The newly released report details the necessary steps to be undertaken by homeowners who may be in need of making an insurance claim after experiencing water damage and leaks. In addition to storm-related water damage, John A. Alvarado, Public Insurance Adjuster advises clients to be mindful of plumbing leaks, roof leaks, dishwasher leaks, and water leaks from burst pipes.

Among the report’s key findings is how often floods are not covered by homeowner’s insurance. With that comes John A. Alvarado, Public Insurance Adjuster suggestion to homeowners to consider buying separate flood insurance policies to be prepared in the case of unanticipated damages.

The report’s authors, John A. Alvarado, Public Insurance Adjuster, are licensed, bonded and insured public insurance adjusters who have worked with residential homeowners, renters, and commercial business owners for over 35 years. Through that experience, the firm has created a list of seven steps that all people take during their insurance claims process to ensure fair results.

The report on dealing with water damages also found that many homeowners could take additional steps to protect themselves in the eventuality of water damage. Those steps include taking pictures of the property before the storm strikes, and to make sure those pictures are kept as up to date as possible. The report recommends every few months.

In addition to assessing a property’s risk and preparing that property for impact, this newly released report encourages homeowners and business owners to consider calling a licensed public insurance adjuster before reporting their insurance claim, as these advocates ensure fair settlements for policyholders.

One client of John A. Alvarado, Public Insurance Adjuster, Tracey Brown, expressed their appreciation for the firm’s expertise. “This was my first time experiencing any issues in my home with water damage. After contacting John, his services were nothing short of amazing. I was very stressed out from the damage in my home.”

More information on John A. Alvarado, Public Insurance Adjuster’s report, including how to contact the firm for a free consultation, can be found at the link above.

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