North Lakes QLD Chiropractor Pain Management Online Appointment Booking Launched

New Lakes Chiropractic in New Lakes, Australia launches an online appointment booking system for patients who are looking to treat their chronic degenerative disease, sports injury or spine care.

North Lakes Chiropractic in North Lakes Australia has launched an Appointment Booking system on their website for clients who want to quickly book a new appointment.

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The team behind North Lakes Chiropractic have over 10 years of clinical experience in treating patients with neuro-muscular disorders. They cater to a variety of clientele from all walks of life, of different age groups and stages of health.

Conveniently located in North Brisbane, they use a variety of manual techniques such as the Gonstead Chiropractic Technique and Diversified Chiropractic Technique to treat patients.

For those who prefer gentle methods, their chiropractors are also trained in low force techniques including terminal point therapy, neuro-emotional technique, neuro-impulse technique and activator methods, among others.

Patients can expect to receive individualised treatment and professional service following a comprehensive consultation at North Lake Chiropractic.

Whether the patient has suffered from a sports injury, a chronic degenerative disease or want to improve their spinal care, the chiropractors at North Lakes use a combination of techniques to provide patients with personalised treatment and care. ­­

Owner Dr Cade Sutherland says, “Chiropractic is for everyone, young and old, and I take it upon myself to work with several different techniques to work with your body and your needs, so that you can feel your best”.

After a comprehensive physical examination, the chiropractor will recommend manual manipulation techniques designed for the patient’s body and needs and prescribe rehabilitative exercise programs. Finally, they monitor the progress of each patient to make sure they are making improvements.

He adds: “ I spend a lot of time creating treatment plans for each and every patient, assisting them with postural exercises and monitoring so that they can strengthen and tone the right muscles to maintain beautiful posture and reduce pain. This means my patients understand causative factors to their pain, which I think is very important in long term pain management”.

Patients can easily book an appointment on their website at the above URL

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