North Jersey Vascular Surgery Specialists Minimally Invasive Services Launched

Vascular Management Associates launched their minimally invasive surgeries for vascular conditions in North Jersey with a team of highly experienced specialists.

Vascular Management Associates in New Brunswick New Jersey announce the launch of their minimally invasive vascular surgery techniques. This form of surgery will be especially useful for those suffering from leg pain because of venous disease, peripheral artery disease, and end-stage renal disease.

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Vascular Management Associates are able to provide relief for patients with serious health conditions, in a state of the art and elegant boutique style surgery center. Peripheral artery disease causes a narrowing or blockage of the arteries and blood vessels that carry oxygen-rich blood to the lower extremities such as the legs and feet. This can result in severe pain even when the patient is at rest. It can also cause muscle cramps in the calves and hips and slow healing of cuts or wounds in the leg or foot.

Vascular Management Associates can provide minimally invasive outpatient procedures that require just a tiny pinhole size opening. When a person suffers from kidney failure or end-stage renal disease, dialysis is the only solution. To perform dialysis, a doctor has to access a patient’s blood vessels in a variety of ways. Vascular Management Associates doctors are able to do this through sophisticated and highly intricate vascular procedures that require only the smallest opening.

Vascular Management Associates have a team of highly qualified MD doctors who are able to provide excellent diagnostic and surgical care. The clinic has in-office imaging services so that patients can get comprehensive care in one facility. The doctors are specialists in a variety of vascular procedures such as stenting, angioplasty and more.

As a medical facility, they maintain the highest standard of quality and accreditation. They ensure that patient care is their number one priority and they are able to offer the best in medical practices and knowledge to their clients.

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