North Hills NC Sales Manager Leadership Training/Development Services Launched

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Sales Matter Inc has announced the launch of its updated Sandler leadership training services for sales managers in North Hills, North Carolina. The training helps managers improve their sales team’s performance.

Sales Matter Inc, a business education and training company located in Raleigh, NC, has announced the launch of its updated Sandler leadership training services for sales managers in North Hills. The services are delivered by expert business coach, Susan Sykes, who has extensive personal experience in sales management and business development.

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The launch of the updated services aims to help sales managers improve their recruiting strategy, motivate their employees, and optimize their sales team’s performance.

The creator of the Sandler System, David Sandler, developed the sales methodology in 1967, and it has been proven to produce results. Over 30,000 people receive Sandler training each year, and 88% of those who received the training reported marked improvements in their sales strategy. Compared to salespeople who had not received Sandler training, Sandler-certified salespeople hit their sales quotas 50% more frequently.

This training is also available for sales managers to help team leaders push their sales team to reach its full potential. Sykes is a certified Sandler trainer with a long history of producing results for her coaching clients.

The leadership training begins with a focus on hiring the most qualified sales staff by employing a systematic, objective recruitment process. The training instructs managers to develop performance plans for each new hire as part of the onboarding process. Then, the company teaches sales managers to develop a coaching mindset to help their sales representatives reach the goals indicated in their performance plan.

Training attendees are also taught strategies to motivate their sales representatives, such as sharing the project vision and helping them recognize the impact of their work.

For clients hesitant to invest in leadership training, complimentary trial sessions are available so they can witness the benefits of the Sandler system prior to purchasing.

Sales Matter Inc has given many clients the leadership training they need to succeed in competitive industries. A satisfied customer said: “As the world’s fourth-largest IT management consulting company, we compete in an extremely tight – and unforgiving – marketplace. After more than a decade of working together, your superb sales and sales management training programs continue to deliver the edge we need.”

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