North Garland TX Hospice Care For Senior Patients-24/7 Nursing Service Expanded

North Garland, TX - Saint Catherine Hospice (469-209-3783) continues its mission of helping the elderly live out the rest of their lives with dignity and compassion with its strengthened hospice services. The senior care facility has built a reputation for providing the best care possible.

Millions of seniors today require hospice services for a variety of reasons, from general old age to the conclusion of a critical illness. Serving the neighborhoods of Almeta, Bonita, and Bella Vista in Garland, Texas, as well as Forest Crest, North Garland and West Garland, Saint Catherine Hospice announces that all its packages have been updated to feature the latest research in senior care.

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The strengthened hospice services take into consideration the growing number of seniors in the country who require end-of-life assistance. Experts have noted that more young families do not know how to, or cannot provide, proper 24/7 senior care for their loved ones.

Emerging data support this. New geriatric studies suggest that despite better medical technologies prolonging the life of many people, numerous families around the country do not know what to do once their loved one has a continuing chronic illness. The time and energy they need to support their family member during this time can be emotional and financially stressful, and families may want to consider seeking a trusted senior care facility in their township.

Saint Catherine Hospice recognizes these challenges and attempts to lift the weight off the shoulders of many families. It believes that hospice or end-of-life care should be affordable and accessible. That is why it encourages families to schedule an initial discovery call with the team beforehand so that they can assess their needs, goals, and budget.

All hospice services are tailored to suit the needs of the patient. It has built a reputation for providing holistic services for all its residents, including packages that address their spiritual and emotional needs. It has been the trusted nursing facility in the state for many years.

A grateful couple wrote, “Saint Catherine Hospice has provided the highest standards of medical care and they’ve always been there for us in this most trying of times. With their help we’ve been able to live our lives, knowing we’re going to be taken care of, and our hopes and fears listened to.”

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