North Dallas Recruiting Firm Launches Improved Human Resources Service Offerings

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Net Gold, LLC now offers human resource services to growing companies without the dependence of automation tactics, producing a higher hiring and retention rate for growing businesses.

Net Gold, LLC sets the stage for profitable and sustainable Human Resource campaigns with the new extension of their recruiting services designed to provide a secure foundation for small, medium, and large sized businesses seeking to grow in a sustainable manner.

The new services can be accessed via the home page of the Net Gold website:

The current services consist of a thorough screening process for new candidates, systematized tracking for all applicants, market research and analysis, marketing, advertising, and social media expertise. These services provide a comprehensive plan to recruit quality talent and retain employees for years to come.

Tiffany Becerra and Jessica Shaughnessy, the founders of Net Gold, and the expert contributors for this new and improved service had this to say:

“Human Resource departments are depending more and more on automation services and technology to do the bulk of their work, but we are finding that is not enough for an effective strategy long term. Human resources need human beings. We created a straightforward process for clients which helps businesses find the best employees who believe in their vision, take pride in their work, and are emotionally invested in the company’s success”.

The human resources services first start with an assessment to develop a full understanding of the company’s requirements and goals through interviews, surveys, observations. From there, a blueprint is laid out tailored to the clients’ needs through a proprietary process developed by Net Gold.

For illustrative purposes only, the company includes testimonials by past clients highlighting some of the results achieved using processes for successful human resources strategies.

Companies who are looking to grow and want to learn more about the human resources processes before committing to a consultation can take a look at the service offering by visiting the Net Gold website at

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