North Aurora IL Youth Motivation Books Highest Achievement Skills Launched

The Barrio Foundation, announces the launch of its series of books, comics and teaching curriculum that inspires children of all linguistic and economic backgrounds, to aspire to be their best. The resources are the brainchild of award-winning Latino author Dr. Robert J. Renteria.

The Barrio Foundation based in North Aurora, IL, announces the launch of its series of books and curriculum for life skills training. For 12 years, founder Robert J. Renteria has spent all his time, effort, and a lot of his personal finances into creating relevant learning resources for Latino and other children.

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From 2008 onward, Robert and his team put all their efforts into creating a bilingual book series that will encourage today’s children and youth to aspire to greatness. They believe that with access to the right education and inspiration, children can be given the will to rise above their circumstances and achieve great success.

The Barrio Foundation has created the books ‘From the Barrio to the Board Room’, and a teaching curriculum called ‘From the Barrio to the Classroom’. They also have a graphic novel called ‘Mi Barrio’ and an activity coloring book called ‘Little Bario’. In 2012, ‘Mi Barrio’ was voted the best comic book in Latin America, Spain, and the United States of America for addressing youth issues.

All these resources use language and contexts that resonate with their target audience. They carry powerful messages that dreams can come true with hard work, education, determination, and perseverance.

According to Mr. Renteria, the founder of The Barrio Foundation, the current school, and academic testing patterns are not relevant or meaningful to children of different socio-economic backgrounds. He says that the current fractured system only teaches to test and children are not benefited

In 2019, Robert Renteria was awarded an International Honorary Doctorate Degree for outstanding and visionary contributions in academics, social projects, and the improvement of humanity.

He says, “My objective is to use my life experiences, business expertise, and leadership skills to help address conditions that lead to violence, delinquency, drugs, and gangs while promoting education, personal pride, accomplishment, and self-esteem. I endeavor to inspire and motivate others so they accept ownership of their education and acquire the social values to realize repeated success throughout their lives and contribute as effective mentors to others.”

In 2011 Dr. Robert became the first Latino ever to get an International Outstanding Humanitarian Award for promoting global peace and education.

In 2017 he was voted one of the 50 most influential Latinos in Chicago and awarded The Maestro Award for Community Service on a National Level by Latino Leaders Magazine.

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