Norfolk VA Preventive Dentistry – Enamel Wear/Loss Affordable Treatment Launched

Dr. Bruce Haggerty in Norfolk, Virginia, updates his preventive care dental services. The family dentist is known for his excellent manners, professionalism, and being able to relieve dental anxiety.

Dr. Bruce Haggerty, a family dentist in Norfolk, Virginia, announces his updated preventive dentistry services. Associated with Leisure Dental, Dr. Haggerty uses the latest technology and preventive practices to help patients avoid cavities, gum disease, enamel wear, and other dental problems.

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The dentist updated his services to include better techniques in preventing and treating dental problems, including teaching patients how to brush and floss. Dr. Haggerty explains that enamel wear, in particular, often reflects a person’s lifestyle and food choices.

Most people do not realize that tooth decay and enamel loss are caused by their lifestyle. The latest medical reports have found that eating too much sugar, for example, tends to wear down the molars due to an overproduction of saliva, which glands are located near the throat. On the other hand, eating problems wear down teeth from the back, as stomach acids affect the enamel from the inside.

Enamel wear can lead to tooth loss and other dental problems, including pain when eating or chewing. There is a cosmetic aspect to enamel wear, as well. A majority of patients with rotten teeth say that they have low self-esteem and often stay at home in fear of being judged for their teeth.

Dr. Haggerty is a compassionate doctor who is skilled in dealing with patients suffering from dental anxiety. He takes the time to listen to each patient, what they hope to achieve, and their fears about their teeth. He then explains each procedure and encourages patients to tell him to stop at any second they begin to feel uncomfortable.

His updated preventive care services include helping patients learn how to brush and floss their teeth. Using a model, Dr. Haggerty explains the correct way to brush to avoid cavities. He also explains the importance of flossing and how to prevent tartar from building up and becoming plaque.

Dr. Haggerty also announces that he can help patients find affordable dental financing options, should they require it.

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