Nonprofits Data Generation – Machine Learning/AI Fundraising Report Launched

Rachel Crosbie of Fundmetric recently authored a report on data generation in the nonprofit sector. The author proposes the Fundmetric platform as a solution to the underuse of data generation.

Fundmetric, a fundraising technology company, has released a report on the use of data generation in the nonprofit sector. The company provides nonprofit organizations with the technology solutions necessary to optimize their fundraising strategies.

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The launch of the new report, written by Rachel Crosbie, aims to inform readers of the underutilization of data in the nonprofit sector. In addition, the report illustrates the opportunity presented by the proper use of intelligent data capture infrastructure.

The report opens with a striking comparison between coal and data. Just as coal powered the industrial age, the author argues that data is the fuel source that will drive the digital age for the next 100 years. However, she claims that nonprofits are not making use of “big data” as effectively as their private business counterparts.

Though many are concerned about the ethics of widespread data collection, readers are assured that big data can be used responsibly. The author cites the use of data to personalize stewardship efforts as an example, as it is both ethical and conducive to increased giving.

Next, the report discusses the implementation of AI to optimize fundraising. Crosbie states that many nonprofits fail to effectively implement AI fundraising solutions because they lack the data needed to do so, such as behavioural data and metadata. Therefore, nonprofits seeking to employ AI in their fundraising efforts must develop a data generation infrastructure.

The Fundmetric platform is a data-generation solution that gives nonprofits the information they need to increase giving. The software gives users access to key donor behaviour data, such as the links they have clicked and the emails they have opened. In addition, Fundmetric users can customize the donation pipeline to cater to specific donors, resulting in higher donation rates.

A satisfied customer said: “The machine learning expertise at Fundmetric is top-notch. Their support team is flexible and focused on helping organizations such as ours manage the pain points and change that migrating to a “brave new normal” holds.”

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