Nonprofits Data Generation Artificial Intelligence Fundraising Platform Launched

Canadian artificial intelligence technology company Fundmetric has launched an interaction-based data generation and fundraising platform for non-profit organizations to maximize donor value.

Canadian technology company Fundmetric has launched an artificial intelligence data infrastructure platform designed specifically for non-profits. The full-service fundraising platform uses machine learning to enable data capture, generate AI prediction models, and launch email and video campaigns that engage an organization’s donor base and maximize donor lifetime value.

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By launching the Fundmetric platform, the company aims to help their clients adopt the latest artificial intelligence technologies by offering an interaction-based data generation solution tailored to the non-profit industry.

Creating a data generation infrastructure is an important step for non-profits to keep up with current technology and lay the groundwork for future digital advancements. Private, for profit companies have long embraced machine learning for data generation and analytics, but until recent years, the non-profit industry lacked access to similar data capture technology.

Many non-profits do not have the relevant datasets most existing AI systems require for implementation, and this lack of information requires a different approach. Fundmetric has created their platform to meet the needs of charitable organizations, helping customers generate sustainable growth by refining data they already have, augmenting it with additional sources, and creating an infrastructure for capturing and centralizing future data.

The technology focuses on valuable behavioural, engagement-based data that can predict individual donor interests more reliably than the demographic, wealth, and donation data charities have typically recorded.

Fundmetric gives clients real-time insights into how and when to target donors to create meaningful engagements and maximize revenue. The platform’s personalized tools allow for customized, individualized donor communications at scale.

With their focus on creating practical solutions for the non-profit sector and commitment to supporting clients through the challenges of adopting AI technology, Fundmetric has built a reputation for technical expertise and strong customer service. More details can be found at

A satisfied customer said: “The machine learning expertise at Fundmetric is top notch. Their support team is flexible and focused on helping organizations such as ours manage the pain points and change management that migrating to a ‘brave new normal’ holds. We find our partnership to be extremely valuable and look forward to expanding our outcomes throughout the enterprise.”

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