Nongirly Created A Holiday Gift Guide Parents Will Actually Like

Nongirly celebrates the holiday season by bringing women and girls a gift guide that represents their true selves. Nongirly's top picks help parents get their shopping right this year. You can find all product recommendations at

There’s nothing’s better than seeing kids light up with joy on Christmas morning. There’s an art to picking out the perfect gifts for them and watching them tear open the pretty wrapped gifts under the tree, excited for what they’ll see!

For many parents however, the thought of holiday shopping can actually be a stressor, rather than something to look forward to. For parents of nongirly daughters especially, the search for the perfect gift can lead to some untraditional places.

When every gift guide out there has a section for girls that’s filled with dresses, bows, and pink colored items, Nongirly has taken the opposite approach.

The Nongirly Christmas Gift Guide is all parents will need to make this Christmas the best one yet. They don’t have just one, but several gift giving lists organized by category to help shoppers on their journey this year. It features toys, apparel, accessories, décor, and more that represents girls who are curious, playful, active, and unafraid to be themselves. Their product recommendations are top of the line, tested and loved by REAL girls already, and have stellar online customer reviews. You can find the a short preview of each holiday list below:

Spread the Holiday Spirit With These Kids’ Stocking Stuffers! – Whether stocking stuffers are a family tradition every holiday or something parents are interested in starting this year, there’s no excuse to not be AWESOME at it. Nongirly handpicked small but mighty stocking stuffers that are great for girls of all ages!

T-shirts With Empowering Messages For Young Girls – Check out a great list of t-shirt recommendations that help reinforce empowering messages of self love to young girls! With positive words of affirmation and powerful female figures like Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the front, these tees will be a great way to uplift her spirits and make her feel like the little spitfire she is!

NonGirly’s Holiday Gift Guide: Best Book Series for Kids – This Christmas, why not give your kids a wonderful new book series to read? Nongirly selected several amazing series including fan favorites like Harry Potter and the Hunger Games that kids of all ages will love for years to come!

Nongirly’s Holiday Gift Guide: STEM Gifts for Girls – Searching for toys for a girl who loves STEM? Look no further! This list includes 10+ new awesome recommendations that will make tremendous gifts for young, curious kids. Every toy was designed with the goal of cultivating and advancing the STEM skills of young girls.

10 Dragon Themed Gifts for Girls – Bring the gift of magic and mystery this holiday season by diving into the world of dragons! From movie favorites like Disney’s Raya to dragon themed dresses, decorations, and toys, these gift recommendations are as fiery as the beasts themselves!

Nongirly’s Holiday Gift Guide: Kids’ Crafts that Don’t Suck! – Find high quality craft projects that will keep kids engaged, and will help them create something they’ll want to keep! Tried and tested by real girls, Nongirly carefully selected crafts that do not suck and would make for wonderful Christmas gifts this holiday season!

Best Kids’ Pajamas that Are the Perfect Holiday Gift for Your Little Ones – Whether it’s bedtime, sleepovers, movie nights, or the holidays, finding the perfect pair of pjs is a major part of the event! Parents can find patterns with their kid’s movies, tv shows, animals, colors, interests, and more – making them an easy, affordable, and customizable Christmas gift!

Epic Toys for Girls Who Love To Build Stuff! – Build a personalized picture frame, a baby Yoda figurine, the train from Hogwarts, a fort to play in, and so much more! Epic toys from Lego, MagnaTiles, and K’NEX will keep girls who love to build busy for hours on end!

Family Friendly Games for the Holidays – Looking for exciting new ways to get the whole family involved over the holidays? Nongirly picked a variety of family friendly games that will challenge each player’s teamwork, artistic ability, problem solving skills, and even physical fitness!

Nongirly’s Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Girls Who Love Sports – For those busy little bees who are always running around and doing something active, check out Nongirly’s list of colorful active wear, fun outdoor activities, and awesome sports gear!

10 Gifts for Girls Who Want to Be a Firefighter – Adventurous spirits will love Nongirly’s top picks for girls interested in firefighting! Choose from books, apparel, toys and more that will foster her curiosity and passion until she can try out the real thing herself.

MEET LILI: Real Girl, Real Gift Ideas – Lili is a cool 6th grade girl who is totally into all things Nongirly! Check out her favorite toys including Legos, Tinkercrates, Pokémon video games, science comics, and more!

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