Non-Toxic Intimate Hygiene Soap – Feminine Body Positive Bath Product launched

Eco Menstrual product brand Mme L' Ovary launch the Orgasmic Soap, designed to complement the flora of women's intimate parts, promote body positivity, and a natural, non-toxic lifestyle.

Leading Zero Waste Menstrual solutions brand Mme L’Ovary launches a new feminine body-positive bath product, the Orgasmic Soap designed to protect the natural biological flora of a woman’s body.

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While other soaps and shower gels can contain harsh chemicals or perfumes which upset the delicate balance of a woman’s unique biochemistry, the new Orgasmic Soap offers a gentle cleansing and restorative formulation. The design and mission statement also serves to highlight the role of daily self-care in promoting self-esteem and improving the lives and health of women globally.

The soap contains entirely natural ingredients selected for efficacy and simplicity such as olive oil, organic coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, water, sodium hydroxide, and white clay. It contains no toxic ingredients that harm the body or alter the delicate chemical balance of personal microflora. It is fragrance-free, free of essential oils and each one is handmade in Quebec, Canada.

The soap is also designed to resemble female private parts making it a favourite of influencers and activists who seek to break taboos and talk about issues surrounding women’s body image and stigma

Women’s brand Mme L’Ovary announced the release of the soap as a gesture of promoting self-acceptance, dispelling myths about the body.

Mme L’Ovary aims to create a better world by offering a positive outlook on body positivity and menstruation by creating non-toxic, no waste solutions to the female sanitary product market. They create tools, products, and platforms to allow healthy discussions and promote best practices for women to live in harmony with their bodies and planet.

Co-founders Olivia and Erica say, “Our educational & social mission is key to implement a positive and long-lasting change in our society, to inform, equip, and provide references to living in better harmony with the cycles of our body. Thanks to you and our growing community, we are weaving together a new, greener, and more responsible world.”

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