Non Toxic Hypoallergenic Face Paint Simple Father’s Day Art Craft Kit Launched

The popular Ava and Frank arts & crafts brand announced a new face painting kit tailored for Father’s Day, with 16 different child-friendly, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and easy washable paints, 100% made, packaged and tested in the USA.

The popular Ava and Frank brand announced a Father’s Day face painting kit, tailored for 100% safe and long lasting family fun by employing only child-friendly hypoallergenic and FDA compliant vegan paints, made and tested in the USA.

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Ava and Frank is a family owned business providing a range of popular, high-quality & child-friendly arts & crafts products, possessing the ‘Highest Child Toy Safety rating in the USA’ and developed by and for parents looking for alternatives to unsafe imported art products that inspire their children’s creativity, curiosity and fun.

Ava and Frank’s latest release is a face painting kit for Father’s Day, tailored for safe family fun and long lasting usage, being fully sourced, made, packaged and tested under strict guidelines in the USA and employing exclusively child-friendly and FDA compliant vegan, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic, nut-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, lead-free, lanolin-free and latex-free ingredients.

The Father’s day face painting kit includes 16 different color paints, comprising gold and silver, developed to be easily washable and removable with water and soap, along with a re-sealable palette box and all the face paint supplies – sponges, brushes, and more – needed.

More information on the Ava and Frank face painting kit for Father’s Day and the brand’s reputation and commitment to safety and nationally made/tested products are proving highly popular among parents with five star reviews and accolade for personal customer service, along with comprehensive face painting advice. Examples and parent/customer feedback can be consulted through the website link provided above.

The founders of Ava and Frank explain that “with Father’s Day coming up, what better way to bond with your children and boost his or her imagination and confidence than to use the kit to paint dad and turn him into his or her childhood super hero! Let’s face it, Dads are the best because they are very good at getting in touch with their inner child and making everything lots of fun. So if Mom’s are considering getting an extra little something for Father’s Day then this the perfect gift”.

The team at Ava and Frank add that “it will create many memorable photos, smiles and laughter as well as bring the family unit together for some wholesome, safe Father’s Day fun. And before Mom’s start to worry about paint going everywhere, they will be pleased to know that its 100% washable, non-toxic, water based and extremely easy to use. So everyone wins! Happy Father’s day 2016”.

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