Non Pull Dog Harness Padded With Front Back Clip & Reflective Webbing Announced

Dog leash company Leashboss has announced the upcoming launch of a no pull dog harness with reflective webbing for safety, neoprene padding for comfort and both front and rear clips to ensure more freedom or less pulling while walking or training the dog.

Leashboss has announced the upcoming launch of a new no pull dog harness combining front and rear clips with reflective webbing and neoprene padding to provide a more comfortable, safe and enjoyable walking or training experience.

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Leashboss is a family owned business known for providing fellow dog owners with a unique and coveted collection of heavy duty, USA assembled leashes and accessories tailored for more comfort and control when walking or training large, strong and pulling dogs.

The dog leash provider has announced the upcoming launch of a highly convenient no pull dog harness with comfortable neoprene padding and two different attachment points, including a back clip which allows the dog more range of motion and a front clip ideal to guarantee more control and stop pulling during walks or training.

The new dog harness, which also includes reflective webbing on the back to ensure safer walks at night, is easy to put on by unclipping the strap and slipping it over the dog’s head. The harness will be available on Amazon in medium, large or extra-large sizes at prices anyone can afford.

The Leashboss team explains that “our objective is to solve the problems associated with strong, pulling dogs and our customers continue to rave about the difference our products have made in their lives, which inspires us to keep expanding our offerings. Now, we’re introducing a no pull padded dog harness that is easy to put on, adds comfort for those long walks and has two attachment points to allow for different walking or training preferences. The harness provides a complete training solution when combined with our long training leashes. We recommend that a harness be used for dog safety when using a long leash.”

More information on the new Leashboss no pull dog harness and its safe reflective webbing, comfortable neoprene padding or flexible front and rear clips along with details on its affordable pricing and the different sizes it is available in can be consulted at the website link provided above.

The full range of short, long and two dog leashes or car dog restraints and ID tags the company is able to offer fellow dog owners is available at

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