Non-Profit Volunteer Platform – Social Cause Unique Events/Experiences Launched

Online charitable network, Neki, has launched an updated list of featured social causes that the public can support by attending unique events and experiences hosted by volunteers.

Neki, an online network that provides volunteers with a platform for helping charitable causes, has launched an updated series of social causes. Through the platform, volunteers can offer events that the public may attend in order to support charitable causes while having unique experiences.

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The recently launched list of causes includes The Pangea Network, a non-profit which empowers women and youth in the USA and Kenya through education. The Pangea Network covers a wide range of services and is well known for providing long-term programs that include education about health, finances, and business.

The Pangea Network features a variety of virtual experiences, including regular arts and craft programs for young children. They also have Fusion Dance Yoga lessons and fitness events for various ages up to 14. For adults, they offer a variety of yoga classes, as well as innovation discussions with successful business founders, and a talk from Monica Lee Foley, a rocket scientist from Louisiana.

The American Cancer Society can also be found on the Neki platform, where they offer a number of events the public can access to help fund cancer research. For children, they offer virtual storytelling, music lessons, and a danceathon. Older children can access regular creative writing lessons, and events for adults include educational webinars about topics such as healthy eating, and crafting effective virtual presentations.

In support of Minnesota nurses, the platform features the Nurses Peer Support Network. They provide support for nurses who have developed substance abuse disorders and offer public education about how such disorders can be effectively countered. To support the Nurses Peer Support Network members of the public are invited to join a webinar about addiction, to discuss the latest scientific understanding of the problem and treatment options.

Another non-profit on the platform, Visvesvaraya National Institute Of Technology North America Alumni (VNIT NAAM,) is supporting students by raising funds to provide scholarships. They also provide funds to help students attend conferences where they can present papers that may be of help to nearby communities. They are currently focused on raising funds to help provide pandemic relief for COVID victims in India.

The Neki platform allows members of the public to volunteer their time and skills to host social impact events, as well as donating funds directly. This allows people to support non-profits through impactful activities that can have a more far-reaching effect than donating directly.

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