Non-Lethal Personal Defense Home Alarm Business Security Products Launched

Protection Bay launches an expanded collection of non-lethal personal defense items and home/business security products, helping those in search of quality safety solutions.

Protection Bay, a security and personal protection item distributor based out of Jacksonville, Florida, has expanded its product offerings to include a new range of home security and personal defense equipment. With the launch of this product line, the company is also offering lower rates on domestic and international shipping.

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The newly launched catalog aims to offer customers a wider and more comprehensive range of security and personal protection equipment that includes not just personal items, but products for both home and business security.

Statistics have shown that since the start of the current pandemic, crime rates around the world have surged, especially in the United States. Small businesses in particular have had to adapt to the nation-wide increases in robberies and lootings.

With this in mind, Protection Bay’s latest launch of products aims to ensure personal safety, as well as home and business security, for those in need.

The company’s expanded non-lethal personal defense offerings now include pepper sprays, stun guns, tasers, knives, kubatons, steel batons, and more.

In addition, Protection Bay’s new catalog includes an expanded collection of security items for home and business specifically. These include a range of home alarms, pool alarms, diversion safes, dummy cameras, phone recorders, hidden cameras, and safety lights.

One of the company’s newest home alarms is the “Electronic Barking Dog Alarm”, which uses electronic radar technology to detect potential intruders from up to 20 feet away. Once set off, the alarm starts loudly emitting a barking sound, giving the impression that an aggressive dog resides inside the home.

To coincide with the release of its expanded catalog, Protection Bay will offer free shipping on all orders over 50 dollars.

Additional information about Protection Bay’s latest release of personal defense and home/business security items is available at the link above.

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