Noiseless Robotic Window Cleaner For Streak-Free Clear Interior Glass Launched

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Home Robot LLC has launched a newly updated robotic window cleaning gadget, called the HOBOT-298. It uses inbuilt suction technology alongside a brushless motor for a quiet, efficient clean.

A newly updated robotic window cleaner has been launched, called the HOBOT-298. It’s designed with simplicity in mind, and provides customers with an advanced solution for cleaning windows and other vertical surfaces.

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With the latest product update, the team at Home Robot LLC continues its focus on providing customers with innovative robotic technology. They are dedicated to sourcing the best robotic products around the world and providing them for a US market.

They are an official distributor for HOBOT INC, and now customers can buy the latest version of the window-cleaning device online.

The HOBOT-298 uses bio-mimicry technology and ultrasonic water spray in a unique method of window cleaning that nebulizes water into dense mist. This enables customers to quickly and easily clean their windows without leaving watermarks on the glass.

HOBOT uses built-in vacuums to grip securely onto the surface of the glass. Once aligned with the smooth surface, the device sucks out dust, removing the impurities as it does so.

When the robotic cleaner is moving, customers don’t have to worry about its route or function. It features an auto-adjustable pneumatic pad, which maintains even driving force and ensures smooth operation even on the dirtiest windows.

Customers can use their HOBOT window cleaner with the specially designed HOBOT detergent or pure water depending on their situation. The device has a unique brushless motor that enables it to clean efficiently and quietly, operating in the background while customers carry out other activities.

The newly updated gadget allows customers to clean their interior and exterior windows more easily. It also enables anyone to ensure a streak-free finish, while this is difficult to achieve cleaning by hand.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Our vision is to promote a world where science and technology are embraced as a part of everyday life and where young people dream of becoming science and technology leaders.”

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