No-Restriction Affiliate Marketing Social Media Engagement Site Video Launched

A new video has been launched by Affiliate Marketer Club, the social network dedicated to marketing success. There are no limiting factors and marketers are free to post without restrictions.

Affiliate Marketer Club has launched a new video showcasing the benefits of their marketing-focused social platform. It’s a direct alternative to Facebook for affiliate marketers, and offers a range of advantageous features.

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The video explains that the Affiliate Marketer Club social network is intended to serve the needs of marketers who have grown tired of Facebook and other popular platforms. These traditional networks have throttling solutions in place to prevent effective marketing, networking and platform growth.

Facebook and other social media networks therefore restrict clients’ income, reach and growth with techniques that prevent them from maximizing their audience engagement. This has led to numerous affiliate marketers looking for an alternative market.

The newly launched video explains that with Affiliate Marketer Club, there is no restriction on the amount of posts with links that clients can make. In addition to this, there are no community standards preventing affiliate marketers from freely marketing their goods and services.

Other benefits include the ability to create engaging ad graphics with unlimited text without the threat of removal by Facebook authorities. Affiliate Marketer Club was designed with these freedoms in mind.

User features include auto-generated GIF commenting, color-customized posts for added personalization, post statuses with tag and location-specific check-in ability. It can also be used to manage daily to-dos.

Other popular features for marketers include an integrated bookmark feature. This allows them to save plugins, popular content, pages and more to read more thoroughly later. There is also a sticky sidebar to keep users connected.

A spokesperson said: “The platform is Android and iOS ready. So if you want the freedom to market your goods and services and expand your income, reach and growth, create a free account today.”

The core principle behind the platform is that it’s fully focused on business. The aim is to help foster, encourage and drive success through cutting-edge functionality and networking potential. Marketers are able to achieve their goals alongside likeminded professionals in their space.

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