No Pull Padded Reflective Great Dane Cane Corso XL Dog Harness Launched

The launch of a new padded, reflective back, no-pull dog harness for extra large dogs has been announced by Leashboss. Leashboss designs and creates a range of lifestyle and training dog products for their customers.

Leashboss has announced the launch of their new no-pull dog harness for extra large dogs. The company offers a range of training and lifestyle dog products to their customers.

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This new harness, which is also available in medium and large sizes, is padded for comfort and features reflective webbing for safer night time walking. Dogs, especially young and untrained ones, can get excitable at the prospect of walks and can pull hard on the leash in their eagerness. This can be uncomfortable and dangerous for both dog and owner and the no-pull harness can help prevent pulling and aid training.

The new no-pull harness is easy to put on the dog and to remove again. The owner can simply unclip the strap that goes around the dog’s torso and then slip the harness over the dog’s head.

The harness has two ways to attach a leash to it, with one ring placed on the back of the harness and one on the front near the dog’s chest. The front clip gives more control and is ideal for walking a dog in the heel position, whereas the back clip lets the dog have more range of movement during walks.

The owners of Leashboss began the development of their original leash, the Leashboss Original, in 2013. As they explain, “We wanted to solve the problems associated with strong, pulling dogs and we found that our customers reported the leash helped them control their dogs better, making their walks enjoyable. This inspired us to create more products and expand our product line. We make long training leashes and recommend people use a harness with them. This harness is the result of customer’s requests for us to provide a harness they can use with our leashes.”

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