No More Credit Card Processing Fees with Global Processing Technologies Program

Global Processing Technologies Cash Discount Program helps business owners save thousands to millions of dollars on credit card processing fees annually.

For as long as businesses have been able to accept credit cards for the convenience of non-cash-carrying customers, the businesses have had to foot the bill for all of the processing fees. So for the same product or service sold to a cash customer and to a credit card customer, the business would always make less money when they allowed customers to pay with credit card. Businesses have been spending thousands to millions of dollars each every year to foot the bill for the convenience of plastic.

Now, there’s a better way for business owners.

Global Processing Technologies offers a merchant services opportunity for businesses where they can continue to accept credit cards without paying the customer’s transaction fees. Customers who choose to pay with cash receive the benefit of a discounted amount. Customers who choose to pay with card pay the small processing fee. It stands to reason that if a business is paying more to provide a product or service to a customer, then that customer’s bill would also increase. Businesses should make the same profit per transaction whether the customer is paying with cash or card.

Many customers who have chosen good credit card rewards programs earn those fees back every year in rewards from their credit card. Businesses had no way of earning anything back. It had just become a massive monthly expense. Under this system, about 45% of business owners still aren’t accepting credit cards. The heavy fees are not worth it to them. Global Processing Technologies gives these business owners an opportunity to expand their business by accepting credit cards without having to pay any of the processing fees.

Whether a business is paying high fees on credit cards or not accepting cards at all because of fees, Global Processing Technologies Cash Discount Program gives business owners a better way to accept card payments. The switch is fast and easy. In most cases, businesses which already accept cards can have their current equipment quickly switched over to the new program. In the very rare instance that their particular system is not compatible, Global Processing Technologies can offer equipment at cost or better to get you set up on the right track. Some clients of Global Processing Technologies are already saving millions of dollars a year on processing fees. And some smaller clients, like a local barber shop, are saving upwards of $35,000 a year in fees.

If you are using the old way of processing, it’s time to switch. Visit their website at to learn more and to schedule a consultation today.

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