No Hunger Natural Weight Loss Slimming Detox Formula Launched

Los Angeles County, CA-based True Food Organics, available on +1-909-931-12167, launch Healthy Slim Bronze Package, an organic detoxifying weight loss formula that restores Yin and Yang balance in the body.

True Food Organic, plant-based nutrition specialists based in Los Ageles, CA, have launched the Healthy Detox and Slim Package to the public, an all-natural formula designed to detoxify the body and accelerate weight loss.

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The launch of the new slimming formula offers customers an all-in-one meal drink, specially formulated from 28 organic ingredients to maximize the body’s fat burning potential, flush out harmful toxins and strengthen immune response.

Healthy Slim increases weight loss and detoxification by promoting “Yang” energy in the body. According to ancient Chinese philosophy, a Yin and Yang balance is the key to good health and weight control. Yang refers to the warming, positive, uplifting energy needed to balance out the heavier, cold, negative Yin energy. Weight gain can be attributed to an excess of Yin.

The Healthy Slim Bronze Package contains only USDA-certified organic ingredients. All organic produce is free from synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or bioengineered genes. Unlike processed foods which contain excess fat and toxins that the body is unable to process, leading to weight gain and ill health, Healthy Slim offers an all-natural alternative to the imbalance found in modern diets.

Healthy Slim’s unique formula is designed to bolster the body’s ability to combat disease and increase energy levels. The True Food Organic factory is FDA registered, GMP certified and the company are committed to sustainable, environmental practice in every aspect of their work.

True Food Organic is the brand established by L.H. Organic USA. The dedicated team are committed to providing accessibility, education and clean energy for optimal health, weight loss and balance within the body.

According to the company website, “Our mission is to help, assist and guide people to live an organic and plant-based lifestyle so that all of us can be healed by nature.”

With the launch of the Healthy Slim Bronze Package, True Food Organics re-affirm their commitment to providing natural slimming solutions, combining organic nutrition expertise with green credentials to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle. For more information visit

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