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Total VIP Jet has released 5 facts about its private jet charter hire booking service available now worldwide. Further info can be found at

The people at Total VIP Jet have today made public five very compelling facts about its Private Jet Charter Booking service, which is now available online at either through or By Clicking Here which fans and consumers within the Private Air Travel space should find particularly interesting.

The idea for creating Total VIP Jet came about after the ever increasing frustrations with traveling on commercial airlines over the past few years. The time you have to allow for getting to the Airport itself, then checking in (which even if it is done via the internet, the ‘bag drop’ line is just as bad as the old check in line ever was!). Once this is conquered, the dreaded TSA security line now has to be negotiated. More upheaval and waiting your turn. Once at your destination, disembarking a crowded plane, maybe customs and collecting bags that seem to never arrive or maybe literally do not arrive.

The private jet charter booking service industry has seen a great uptick in interest and bookings since the days when most people thought that flying by private jet is only available for the elite. The problem was overcome by the simple truth of the matter that private air travel is far more accessible and affordable than ever before. Learn More

The five nuggets are:

Get there faster!: You directly land at your destination without hassle or interruption. Private jets are actually able to fly higher and climb faster than scheduled commercial route aircraft which helps avoid congestion and get you where you need to be faster. In addition, private aircraft use smaller airports which may well be much closer to your final destination.

Safety & Security: FAA regulations apply across the entire Air Charter Industry. Private jet operators hire only the best crew so that their safety standards go above and beyond any commercial airline’s management systems.

Cost: When you fly privately, you are renting the jet, so whether you either fly with others you do not know, or are with family, friends or colleagues, the cost of renting REMAINS THE SAME. So you and a number of friends, for example, can enjoy a SUPERB EXPERIENCE for LESS than a commercial flight!

Comfort & Privacy: Simply unparalleled from taking your seat to stepping off the aircraft. You are free to do anything you like within your own private environment. Enjoy fully equipped entertainment libraries or just open a bottle of your preferred tipple!

A Business ‘differentiator’: By arriving and departing on a private jet, you are giving a HUGE SIGNAL to your prospective or existing clients that not only are you a well run, successful business, but you highly regard efficiencies in both productivity and time management. This should be a MAJOR differentiator for your Company.

Total VIP Jet got it’s start when Founder Christian Maguire noticed a growing need for a far more pleasant flying experience. With 3 years prior experience in the Private Air Travel world, Christian Maguire decided to go ahead and start in 2016.

Christian Maguire is quoted saying: “We like to do things to connect with our consumers and customers. Things like provide the best service & getting message across different platforms and mediums are what makes all the difference.”

For more facts and further information about this superb service, please go to

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