NLP Life Coaching Alcohol Dependence Self Control Motivation Therapy Launched

M.K. Kirby just launched his life coaching services as a follow-up to his acclaimed book ‘Unpickle Your Liver’. The coaching will help individuals unlock hidden or potential and achieve goals that offer freedom from alcohol addiction and the loss of control over their lives.

M.K. Kirby, author of the acclaimed self-help book featured on the Best Books Network “Unpickle Your Liver” has announced the launch of personal life coaching services. The coaching program is designed to help individuals with alcohol-related problems work towards a healthier life.

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Kirby’s life coaching program uses the fundamental principles of personal and dedicated coaching and a planned approach towards a transition point that helps an individual stay in control of their drinking and improves their quality of life. The program offers a psychology-based system to help individuals work to reduce alcohol consumption and achieve a balanced lifestyle.

Personal sessions with Kirby are offered over Skype or over the telephone. They follow a simple system to help individuals improve their sense of self-comprehension and personal confidence while developing the ability to identify, commit to, and achieve goals.

The process of transformational action through Kirby’s life coaching relies on the tenets of creating a non-judgmental and open atmosphere. The author works personally with each client, understanding and interpreting the stated and unstated personal need in each conversation.

Using a combination of multiple counseling, therapeutic, and coaching techniques in a non-threatening environment, a client’s problems with alcohol and personal limitations are unlocked in a non-threatening manner.

Kirby says “The life coaching process is enlightening and is designed to help clients understand personal temperament, and make life-altering changes to their disposition, and engage deep thinking with a view to staying motivated and making a commitment to positively impact their lives. M.K. Kirby is an author, counselor, and life coach who is an avid student of psychology and holds a Master’s Degree in Education and in neurolinguistic programming. He is an alumnus of Louisiana State University and Southampton University.

He specializes in the education and coaching of children and adults. More information about his life coaching program and his book, “Unpickle Your Liver” can be found at

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