NJInfrared LLC Helping to Open America with One Single Infrared Photo

The photo could help thousands return to work with properly utilized fever screening equipment.

New Jersey, Metro Area - NJInfrared LLC is pleased to announce it is helping employers, institutions, colleges, universities, medical facilities, hospitals, places of worship, and more, to open their doors in the metro New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania areas with Infrared Skin Temperature Screening Services.

NJInfrared LLC is an infrared service company providing specialized infrared thermography services and consulting in infrared equipment solutions. The company helps workplaces to implement proven and properly utilized infrared screening solutions with high-tech and comprehensive infrared equipment and platforms.

In recent news, NJInfrared LLC is announcing it is assisting employers, institutions, and organizations to get back to business with its professional Infrared Skin Temperature Screening Services. Though the company understands employees want to return to work to feed their families and pay bills, there are, however, specific health protocols that must be strictly followed in order to do so – protocols that not all business are not adhering to.

According to NJInfrared LLC owner Peter Bennett (a certified level three infrared thermographer), a significant number of businesses and organizations are not following the “Opening America Guidelines” with regards to temperature checks. Instead, these businesses are merely conducting the “check box” procedures, without documentation, procedures and proper equipment, and are putting itself, employees, visitors, including the public, in harm’s way. All of this could open doors for lawsuits.

"I am astounded to discover the huge volume of inaccurate, unreliable and grossly negligent infrared skin temperature screening systems and procedures used by a variety of organizations,” says Bennett. “Furthermore, the most important factor in a successful and reliable infrared fever scan program is proper training and protocol of the equipment operators.”

“Human error can allow febrile (apparent fever) humans with false negatives to slip by,” Bennett continues. “With over eleven years in the infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement business, proper techniques and procedures become extremely critical for the public to know they are being effectively screened.”

According to NJInfrared, companies are selling infrared solutions, which use a phone or very small detectors, that don't meet the FDA 510K or ISO/TR 13154 and IEC 80601-2-59 specifications. As a result, this leads to inadequacies in detecting a febrile person in the workplace. Using these types of equipment is giving a false sense of a safer workplace – a practice that is happening all over the USA and the rest of the world.

With NJInfrared and its infrared fever screening consulting and training, however, users will understand that integrated platforms with infrared cameras, and different levels of spatial resolutions, vary from make and model and set distances of the target person. In order to have a safer thermal imaging screening process for elevated body or face temperature, the end user must understand the equipment's limitations.

"Our professional thermographers can help you and your staff to gain the proper training needed to use infrared fever scanning equipment," states Bennett. "Our goal is to make sure our clients are confident in using this game-changing technology and we are happy to help them from their initial inquiry to implementation and beyond."

Infrared fever scanning equipment is ideal for use in a wide variety of sectors, including:

• Air Ports
• Areas of Designated Check Points
• Assisted & Senior Living Facilities
• Automotive
• Coach Services
• Court Houses
• Cruise Ships
• Daycare Facilities
• Food Manufacturing and Processing.
• Hospitals
• Hotels
• Medical Testing Facilities
• Office Buildings
• Places of Worship
• Restaurants
• Retail
• School Bus Services
• Schools
• Supermarkets
• Transportation
• Uber & Lift Services
• Universities

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About the Company

NJInfrared LLC is a team of experienced thermographers who understand the sciences and challenges in obtaining proper temperature measurements. The company provides assistance with set-up of cameras, equipment and procedures with camera equipment, such as Seek Scan, Fotric, FLIR, ICI, and more.

NJInfrared was founded by Peter Bennett, who holds multiple certifications in infrared technology, in addition to many years of experience working in the industry.

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Name: Peter W. Bennett, Certified Level 3 Thermographer CIT#7406
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Organization: NJInfrared LLC
Phone: 732-245-9817
Website: http://njinfrared.com/

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