NJ Plastic Surgery Center Specializes in Removing Skin Growths and Abnormalities

Out-of-state patients routinely travel to the Vanish Center in New Jersey for the treatment of skin growths & abnormalities that are located in cosmetically critical areas.

The Vanish Center specializes in the treatment of soft tissue abnormalities in areas of cosmetic concern. The team of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, and Pediatric Craniofacial Surgeons specialize in the aesthetic removal of skin and mucosal lesions in cosmetically critical areas.

The Vanish Skin Surgery System was developed by combining surgical and radiofrequency techniques with the knowledge of cosmetic surgery, skin resurfacing, and dermabrasion.

Over the past decade, the surgeons at The Vanish Center have been fortunate enough to remove skin growths and reconstruct skin defects on the face and other cosmetically areas for patients from most of the east coast. The center typically welcomes patients from Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, New Jersey, and other locations. John Amato, DDS, MD, a Plastic Surgeon and the founder and medical director of the Vanish Center reports, “This type of surgery has become a rewarding and much-welcomed area of expertise for us. We are grateful for each opportunity to provide the highest level of care for our patients”.

The center provides treatment for many types of skin abnormalities including: moles, cysts, scars, keloids, torn earlobes, post-Mohs defects, vascular lesions, cleft lip & Palate, lacerations, and burns. The treatment modalities include such procedures as: incisionless removal, precision shave, scar revision, earlobe repair, keloid treatment, surgical excision, and reconstruction. Details about the procedures can be found at https://vanishcenter.com

Using the Vanish protocols, minor procedures such as mole removal or skin removal can take as little as 7-10 minutes, and they can be performed the same day as the consultation with no downtime. More complex procedures such as post-mohs reconstruction are performed in an on-site surgery center. Only major surgeries like the repair of a cleft lip & palate require treatment in an operating room. None of the procedures performed in the office require sedation or anesthesia. They are all performed with simple local anesthesia. The Vanish Center website features multiple before and after photos demonstrating the removal or repair of a spectrum of skin growths and abnormalities. (https://vanishcenter.com/before-after/).

Appointments at the Vanish Center can be scheduled by sending a message through the website or contacting the center by phone at 973-992-3259.

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