Nikola Valenti FREE Jewelry Subscription Service has gone Viral

Nikola Valenti is a Jewelry Subscription Service. They send subscribers a brand-new jewelry piece every seven weeks. They offer FREE Jewelry to New Customers, and their Service has gone Viral.

Nikola Valenti is a Jewelry Subscription Service. They send subscribers a brand-new jewelry piece every seven weeks.

Customers Have Time To Evaluate The Pieces they Receive. After pieces are sent they have 25 days to try them out. When the trial period is over, they have the option to keep their pieces. The price is just $24.99 each, for the premium pieces, and one of the pieces is FREE. If the customer decides that a piece is not appropriate, then they can send them back, and their credit card will not be charged.

When a customer signs-up for this subscription service, they have the option of choosing a FREE Jewelry piece. Even if they decide to cancel their subscription in the future, they will be able to keep the complimentary piece that they select.

Nikola Valenti provides the option of choosing between three different pieces: a white gold-plated necklace, a sterling silver bracelet, and white gold-plated earrings. This is not low-quality jewelry; every one of these pieces has a $99 value. Customers have the ability to look at each of these pieces, and choose the one they you want in for their jewelry collections.

Even if a customer decides that this subscription is not right for them, they will still receive a beautiful new piece of jewelry that they may want to wear again and again. This type of incentive is high unusual for this industry.

If we check-in with people that have used this subscription service in the past, we will see that they have plenty of positive comments. In fact, Nikola Valenti has tens of thousands of positive reviews from real customers. That is clearly an indication that this service has gone viral on the web.

Their Shopper Approved page has more than 38k+ 4-5 star reviews, and little-to-no negative feedback. Their Trustpilot page has over 900+ 4-5 star reviews, and their Mamma page has over 700+ 4-5 star reviews. Collectively, they have more than 40k+ 4-5 star reviews, which is a clear indication of viral customer satisfaction.

Based on those reviews, customers seem truly impressed with the quality of the pieces that they are receiving, and they also appear to enjoy all of the benefits of a jewelry subscription service, according to their comments and other feedback. Customers seem to be claiming that this service perfect for anyone with a passion for jewelry, and may also a great fit for people with a small jewelry selection that they want to expand. This level of customer feedback is unprecedented for the Jewelry Industry, especially since Jewelry tends to be a rather high-ticket item.

If you drawn to the idea of a jewelry subscription service, you may want to take a closer look at Nikola Valenti. If you do sign up for the service, you will receive a free piece of jewelry, and you will also have the chance to try-out additional jewelry pieces. Since customers are under no obligation to keep the pieces that they are sent, it is safe to check-out this service without taking on a big risk.

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