Niche Small Business Growth Marketing – Influencer Partnership Training Launched

Crucial Constructs, a marketing information resource, has launched a small business marketing academy. The materials can boost a brand’s website traffic and leads.

The new online training program shows new entrepreneurs how they can make their company stand out against much bigger brands using proven marketing techniques. The syllabus focuses on building brand awareness in the local market through social media and more traditional forms of advertising. Business owners can learn at their own pace and choose which modules they want to start with.

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Small business owners who want to increase their online presence will now have access to 95 webinars and training on 29 marketing topics. The course covers how and why businesses should join the local chamber of commerce and offers instruction on improving social media performance.

Modules include how to add subscribers to a mailing list, partnering with local influencers, using SEO, and the value of blogging. Business owners will also learn about word-of-mouth advertising and the importance of networking.

As a result of the training, they will improve their search engine rank, develop customer loyalty, and engage their audience on social media. Participants should also notice an increase in positive online reviews and attract an increase in website traffic and new leads.

Interested parties can enroll by visiting the company’s training library and selecting ‘learn more’. The program is provided on a complimentary basis and each lesson is delivered in video format. Also included in the company’s training library are the Crucial Constructs Academy, Business Branding eCourse, and Facebooking Marketing ebook.

A spokesperson for the company says, “This comprehensive course offers multiple information-packed videos of fundamental and essential training for most online, locally owned businesses. You can watch what is of most importance to you first and, as you get further developed, you can go to specific subjects. There are many guest speakers so that you can take advantage of their insight, perspectives, and broad coverage to achieve your marketing objectives with more ease.”

About The Company

Crucial Constructs provides webinars and digital guides for entrepreneurs and ambitious professionals. They are passionate about giving people the tools they need to succeed in business.

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