Niche Business High-Converting Web Design Lead Generation Guide Launched

Green Frog Digital launch the entrepreneurs guide to conversion driven website design. Learn the secrets to helping your website sell more and convert your website traffic into more leads and sales.

Green Frog Digital launch a new entrepreneurs guide covering how to create high-converting websites that drive more sales. It offers insider information and guidance on how to create websites that capture attention, convert leads, and stand the best chance of ensuring a business succeeds online.

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The new guide offers key strategies for designing conversion driven websites and landing pages. Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and freelancers working in any niche will learn several tactics to implement that can help their websites sell more.

Readers will learn how to build a website that brings in money, and how to transform their website traffic into leads and sales. They will also learn the importance of making their website part of their marketing strategy, as a business website is a 24/7 marketing and sales force.

By following the steps in the guide, entrepreneurs can transform their business website into an asset that will convert clicks into sales.

The new guide covers website ROI, and how to make a business website part of a marketing strategy for increased conversions.

One of the key features of the new guide is the “critical website pages” insights that help to ensure entrepreneurs can design conversion driven websites immediately. Often taken for granted, these website pages have a huge impact on the visitors experience and how easy it is for them to make a purchase.

The guide emphasizes that it’s imperative to have a conversion crafted Home page, which will drive organic web traffic and also highlights that it is crucial to have an “About” page that builds rapport with a target audience so that an emotional connection is made. Product and offer pages need to have clear Call-to-Action buttons, product features and benefits as well as an easy purchasing process. When these website pages are optimized, it makes it easy for the visitor to make the next step and consider making a purchase.

Other tips included in the guide are the importance of focusing on conversion and not just information, the importance of understanding targeted audiences and buying personas, making navigation easy, intentional blogging that helps websites sell more and the importance of making the website mobile responsive.

Green Frog Digital specializes in promoting digital tools and resources that helps entrepreneurs sell more by optimizing their websites. Tanya McKey, the Founder of Green Frog Digital states: “We use Leadpages for most of our clients, and they’re still our preferred site builder. They offer a host of great features – their templates are already conversion tested, have automatic sharing on social media, are SEO ready and you can get more traffic with unlimited landing pages. We absolutely love that their website templates require zero technical and coding skills, which means that anybody can create a website, get online and start making money without having to hire a developer to do it for them”.

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