Niche Business Automated Lead Generation Customer Conversation Software Launched

A powerful new lead generation automation software has been launched, called HighLevel. It brings in leads and automates the follow-up process and can set up actual sales appointments seamlessly.

A new marketing agency SaaS software has been launched, called HighLevel, designed to automate the lead generation and sales appointment process and help agencies in any niche to succeed. It is the leading automation and text messaging platform for marketing agencies and solves the biggest issue that they often have. That is helping their business clients turn leads into sales appointments.

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The site explains that the newly launched software is the first ever platform built to manage a business’s follow up, two way texting, pipeline, scheduling, and much more. It is built for agencies by an agency, with a focus on helping them to succeed.

Marketing agencies work with business owners , and one of the most important things to know is the numbers and statistics the company runs on. Likewise, business owners need to know how many of their leads are turning into appointments and then how many of the appointments become clients.. Some agencies are using this software to set 40-500 appointments per month for some of thier business clients.

One of the issues facing businesses is that they often spend years and thousands of dollars on software that they think will help. However, it transpires that it takes too much time, energy and money to implement them. So it helps when an Agency can do all that for the business.

Now there’s an answer with the launch of HighLevel’s SaaS software for Marketing Agencies. The software launch means that business owners can wave goodbye to confusing, complex programs and streamline their lead generation and appointment setting process with the help of thier marketing agency.

HighLevel is a revolutionary new way to manage client engagement and appointment setting for business clients of agencies in any niche. The launch is important, because managing leads from multiple sources like websites, landing pages, and Facebook Ads can be a huge job.

HighLevel brings in all the leads on autopilot, and automates the follow up conversations immediately. It takes the stress out of the lead generation process and does all the heavy lifting of setting appointments for the business.

The software replaces the core functionality of Google Sheets, Active Campaign, Skipio, CallDrip, CallRaid and more. It offers the ability to track ROI and leads in a pipeline through one cutting edge dashboard, and offers powerful stat tracking abilities.

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Release ID: 88921444