NHHHC Credit Helpers Announces Their New Credit Repair Website

NHHHC Credit Helpers offers premium credit repair services to clients all over the United States. They have launched their new website at www.nhhhccredithelpers.com and clients can get a free consultation by calling 1-855-977-1300.

It is a fact that when buying a house or applying for a loan, a low credit score will have a negative impact in a multitude of ways. It can cause consumers to pay a higher interest rate or to be denied a loan or a mortgage.  Many consumers try to repair their credit themselves, but often end up with less than desirable results.  NHHHC Credit Helpers is a credit repair company with the sole mission to help its clients increase their credit score and gain financial flexibility. The company has just unveiled their new website at www.nhhhccredithelpers.com. The credit consultants at NHHHC Credit Helpers will show their clients how to properly evaluate their credit report, and how to dispute and remove incorrect negative information.

According to Donald Shaw their Director of Marketing, “NHHHC Credit Helpers ensures that the rights of their clients are fully exercised and that the creditors and credit bureaus are in compliance with the consumer credit reporting laws. They counsel their clients to check their credit reports frequently to identify any errors that could potentially harm their credit worthiness. They will dispute all outdated, inaccurate,and unverifiable information so that it’s legally and permanently removed from their clients’ credit reports.”

In addition, Mr. Shaw states that “the major reasons behind the success of the company are its fast services, comprehensive knowledge, affordable fees and great customer service. Instead of locking clients into long term contracts, they charge a simple monthly fee and clients can choose to discontinue their services at any time with no penalties.”

The process for signing up for their services is a simple one.  It begins with a free phone consultation where their consultant will go over the client’s credit history and advise them on the best course of action to increase their credit score.The next phase of the process includes getting and reviewing the credit report with the client. The consultant will make sure that any necessary dispute letters are sent to the credit bureaus and this begins the process of repairing the client’s credit score.  NHHHC Credit Helpers has the latest technology on their site and offer bank level encryption.  Their clients are able to track their progress by logging on to dedicated portals that are accessible directly from the www.nhhhccredithlepers.com website.

About NHHHC Credit Helpers

NHHHC Credit Helpers is a credit repair company that helps consumers to repair their credit reports. They employ experienced and knowledgeable consultants who go out of their way to offer the highest level of customer service to their clients. They have Affordable rates and offer quick results. Their main goal is to ensure that each and every one of their clients is on the way to financial independence. To find out more about NHHHC Credit Helpers and their credit repair services you can visit their website at http://www.nhhhccredithelpers.com or call toll free for a free consultation at 1-855-977-1300.

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