NFT Artist Beeple Review – New Crypto Digital Art Critic Report Published

Cryteria Crave has released a new report on one of NFT artist Beeple' works, ‘Abundance,’ to help support and raise the understanding of crypto artworks.

Cryteria Crave has published its newest report to help readers understand and interpret crypto art from the digital NFT artist Mike Winkelmann, also known as Beeple or Beeple Crap.

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The new report from art critics Cryteria Crave provides an overview of one of Beeple Crap’s recent crypto artworks, ‘Abundance,’ to give readers a critical review of the piece while also helping them to understand the artist’s intentions.

A recent surge of NFTs has seen digital artworks and creators discover a new means of distributing their works while also providing collectors and art enthusiasts with new content for them to appreciate. The most famous crypto artist currently working is Beeple Crap, who recently sold a single NFT artwork for $69 million at Christie’s auction house. Cryteria Crave is looking to help others understand the appeal of NFT art and increase their interpretation of the works by the digital artist.

Beeple Crap has been producing a new piece of digital art every day for over ten years and often uses surreal imagery in his works, leaving them open to interpretation. In their latest report, Cryteria Crave reviews the artist’s work titled ‘Abundance,’ which was released on March 28th, 2021.

For their report on ‘Abundance,’ Cryteria Crave first describes the artwork, which depicts an androgynous and angelic-like figure floating on a predominantly monochrome background surrounded by caterpillars. The report then considers the meaning behind the work and tries to interpret the artist’s motivations and intentions for the piece.

To help readers learn how to appreciate and interpret a work of art, the report explains that they should extrapolate questions presented by a piece. For ‘Abundance,’ Criteria Crave suggests questions such as what the figure represents and the symbolism of the caterpillars surrounding it.

Cryteria Crave consists of a group of art critics and collectors who are looking to support the NFT community of artists and collectors by providing more awareness and understanding of NFTs and digital art.

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