NFT/AR Live Musician Experiences – Joseph Hellow Polaris Productions Announced

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Joseph Hellow, the owner of Polaris Productions, has announced new investments in the latest digital platforms for artists. He is supporting CONQR and Teleport, an innovative platform in the NFT digital augmented reality space.

Polaris Productions was originally founded by George Hellow, who impacted the arts and entertainment industry through his knowledge and experience. Now Joseph Hellow is continuing the same innovative approach through his latest announcement.

For access to more information we have created a NFT entrance fee to the theme park through our artist ValentinaMami at:

The new announcement comes as CONQR and Teleport are experiencing a surge in popularity among both artists and fans.

CONQR combines tech and services for musicians wanting to grow their brand. It provides monetization features, live-streaming functionality, and analytics to enable artists to engage with their audience. Fans can support their favorite artists at every stage of their career.

Teleport is a unique community experience that allows users to experience virtual worlds. The NFT-as-a-Service solution provides access to “Portals”, which are digital assets that can be created and monetized through the platform.

In this way, artists can create more immersive 360-degree photos, videos, and live streams of their shows. Fans can interact and engage with musicians’ content in new ways through the use of their smartphone.

Musicians can use this NFT solution for exclusive single or album releases, concerts, giveaways, and more. NFTs can also act as an access pass for private shows, competitions, or events.

Joseph Hellow understands the trajectory that these services are experiencing, and strives to connect artists with the best tools for success.

Through his studio, he is committed to ensuring the best recording experience for clients. In his work as a producer and production manager, he aims to utilize these tools to create the most exciting experience for fans.

Additional details are provided at:

Polaris Productions has established itself as a prominent name in the recording industry field. The team is committed to ensuring clients receive a quality recording experience, with full-service packages for all budgets and requirements.

A spokesperson states: “Joe continues to carry on his father’s legacy by growing and expanding the studio and has built multiple meta verse mixing studios. Polaris Recording Studio is now mixing full time in the meta using Dolby Atmos as its engin, along with the drive and motivation behind Joe. Joe’s entire life is revolved around music. His knowledge is shared within the Polaris team to offer the same great service and sound that Joe and George both stand behind.”

if you hold their artist NFT’s you get access to their tech.

Interested parties can learn more at:

Release ID: 89055692